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    Pharmaceutical manufacturing investment increased by nearly 23%

    Echemi 2020-11-19

    Data show that from January to October 2020, investment in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry increased by 22.8%. After deducting price factors, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry above designated size in October 2020 actually increased by 8.2% year-on-year, higher than the overall increase of 6.9%.


    An industry insider once said in an interview that investment is the same as fishing. There are two principles: the first principle is to go fishing where there are fish, and the second principle is to never forget the first principle. The pharmaceutical industry is a good industry and a place where there is a "fish". In the next five to ten years, there will be ten times, fifty times, or even a hundred times bigger stocks. According to its forecast, the market prospects of the pharmaceutical industry are promising, and the growth of investment in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry this year is also reflecting the opportunities for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

    It is worth noting that the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is closely related to pharmaceutical equipment. At the same time as the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is ushering in a golden period of development, it will inevitably bring opportunities to the upstream pharmaceutical equipment industry, and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry will also put forward higher requirements for equipment. As the saying goes, the same pharmaceutical preparation can have a great impact on the safety, efficacy, and stability of the pharmaceutical preparation because of the different conditions of the selected process equipment.

    For example, according to relevant technical personnel, pharmaceutical equipment has a great impact on the production of pharmaceuticals in terms of specifications, structure, materials, and performance, and it is closely related to the GMP for pharmaceutical production. Therefore, pharmaceutical production requires very high requirements for pharmaceutical equipment. It not only requires the use of functions, but also requires the completion of the electromechanical movement function in the basic process in the designated use scene, so that the medicine and the studio area are not contaminated during operation. The main functions related to GMP, such as purification function, cleaning function, online monitoring and control function, safety protection function, etc.

    In summary, in order to better promote the development of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, it is essential to improve the technology of pharmaceutical equipment. In the development process of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, equipment and technology should be updated in time to better improve quality and production efficiency, and seize market opportunities.

    The pharmaceutical industry is a place where there are "fish", but how to make the "fish" more dynamic requires the strong assistance of pharmaceutical equipment. The author is informed that in recent years, with the introduction of favorable policies and the persistence and efforts of pharmaceutical equipment companies, my country's pharmaceutical equipment industry has also ushered in a huge breakthrough. Some new machinery and equipment have emerged one after another, breaking the bottleneck problem in related fields of pharmaceutical production.

    Take the separation technology chromatography which is indispensable in life science research and biopharmaceutical industry as an example. For example, the domestic pharmaceutical equipment company Tofflon has launched a fully automatic chromatography family based on digital instrument control technology based on the new generation of communication and network technologies. . This digital technology solves the stubborn problems that have existed in the industry for many years, such as data drift, inability to centralize sensor management, and poor operational stability.

    Another example is that under the current situation, pharmaceutical companies have very high requirements for the stability, speed, and output of related vaccine production equipment. In order to meet new needs and respond to the new situation, Chutian Technology launched a pre-filled packaging production line . It is understood that the production line can reach a production capacity of 400 pieces per minute, which realizes the fully automated and unmanned production of medicines from the filling, de-grooving, screwing, labeling, single-piece packaging, to boxing and packing. . "The equipment and program can meet the requirements of pharmaceutical companies for stability and large-volume production." The relevant person said.

    Pharmaceutical production is a very special field, and product quality must be strictly guaranteed and responsible for people's health. From January to October 2020, investment in my country's pharmaceutical manufacturing industry increased by 22.8%, which also shows that the country has paid more and more attention to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and put forward higher requirements. In order to promote the development of my country's pharmaceutical industry to a higher level, the pharmaceutical equipment industry shoulders a heavy responsibility.

    However, some insiders also pointed out that although my country's pharmaceutical equipment industry has made great progress and can see many positive aspects, it still faces some problems, such as the lack of bioprocess technology research capabilities and technology, engineering, and equipment in some domestic companies. Integrated research system; although domestic pharmaceutical process equipment can meet the basic functional requirements, compared with foreign imported brands, in terms of production quality and efficiency, such as the safety of material selection, functional design, structural design, equipment interface design, etc. There are still some gaps in pollution-free properties.

    Although the gap exists, it is undeniable that some leading pharmaceutical equipment companies in my country, such as Yichutian Technology, Dongfulong, and Canaan Technology, are continuously increasing R&D investment, foreign acquisitions, and joint ventures. In order to promote the development of the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry and strive to narrow the gap, some products have even entered the international competition arena. "I believe that through the continuous efforts of my country's pharmaceutical equipment industry, especially some companies continue to invest in the development of pharmaceutical intelligent manufacturing, my country's pharmaceutical equipment industry will achieve greater breakthroughs in the future, so as to provide better services for the development of pharmaceutical companies." Said.

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