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    From May to July, China's export growth rate of APIs fell

    Echemi 2020-11-19

    From January to July 2020, China's export volume of APIs reached USD 21.388 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6.2%. Judging from the monthly data, the export growth rate in a single month showed a trend of falling first, then rising, rising and falling. In February, due to the severe domestic epidemic, the late resumption of work and production, and the delayed delivery, the export value decreased by 28.81% year-on-year; entering March, the domestic epidemic was effectively controlled, and the overseas epidemic entered the outbreak period, and China’s previous delayed delivery of raw materials Drugs were shipped successively, and the export of APIs quickly recovered and achieved rapid growth, a year-on-year increase of 13.05%; India entered a state of lockdown in April, and its API production and exports were affected. The international market’s demand for China’s APIs Turnover orders rose sharply, and the export value of APIs in the month increased by 24.85% year-on-year; after that, as the global epidemic continued to spread, the explosive demand growth of APIs was short-lived, and China's export growth of APIs began to slow down, and exports from May to July The growth rate dropped gradually, reaching 15.55%, 5.52% and 0.89% respectively. However, with the second wave of overseas epidemics at the end of the year, China's export growth of APIs may show a small "tail-up".

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