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EMA plastic: copolymer of ethylene and methyl acrylate

Echemi 2021-07-15

EMA uses ethylene and methyl acrylate as raw materials, oxygen or peroxide as initiators, and is polymerized by high-pressure heating. It can be blown into film for disposable gloves, medicine and food packaging; extruded hoses and profiles; blow-molded toys; foamed foam boards, etc.


Ethylene-Methyl Acrylate Copolymer (EMA): It is the best thermally stable one among all high-pressure alpha olefin copolymers. Whether used as a single material or a blend, EMA is used in films, extrusion coatings, and sheets. There are many applications in the fields of molding, blow molding, pipe profile extrusion and co-extrusion.


It can add more than 50% filler without affecting its elasticity, and is compatible with all polyolefin resins, so it can be used as a matrix resin for master batches.


EMA is produced in an ordinary high-pressure reactor. Methyl acrylate monomer and ethylene gas are injected into the reactor together to react to form a random copolymer. The commercial EMA contains 18-24% (wt) methyl acrylate, and the melt index value of commercial materials is 0.5-20 g/10 minutes. Some specifications are pure resin, while others contain slip and anti-bonding ingredients. In order to improve its processing performance and softness. Adhesive performance, other formulations are being developed. The most notable performance improvements of EMA copolymers (compared to LDPE homopolymers) include: Vicat softening temperature decreased from 194°F to 138°F; reduced flexural modulus; significant resistance to environmental stress cracking Improved; enhanced dielectric performance. This type of material has good resistance to most chemicals, but it is not designed for continuous immersion in organic solvents and nitric acid.

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