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2021 "Pharmacy +", how is the development of retail pharmacies?


The year 2020 is a year of agitation and adjustment in the retail pharmacy industry, from the O2O e-commerce that emerged in the whole "COVID-19" at the beginning of the year, to Suning, Meituan and other Internet giants layout of the pharmaceutical industry, while the postal service has been cooperating with the people's pharmacy to open pharmacies, Yixintang opened a drugstore in Hainan, many retail enterprises have made adjustments and attempts in the pharmacy business, "pharmacy + e-commerce", "pharmacy + drugstore", "pharmacy + Internet hospital", "pharmacy + convenience store", "pharmacy + medical center" and other model innovations continue to emerge, retail pharmacy development.


Because of the special nature of the retail pharmacy industry, as well as the state in the medical insurance online payment, prescription outflow has done a lot of work, coupled with the outbreak of O2O pharmaceutical e-commerce model, online pharmaceutical e-commerce model is also a major trend. The four major platforms Ali, Jingdong, Jindo and Meituan occupy the majority of the traffic entrance online, many bigwigs say they can't cooperate with these platforms, but it is impossible not to cooperate, because in the next few years, the traditional pharmacy business model determines the rise of retail pharmacies in the self-built mall and private domain traffic is difficult. Therefore, the next, "pharmacy + O2O + B2C e-commerce" will be the standard for retail pharmacies.


No matter how retail pharmacies evolve in the future, no matter how pharmacies "+", the purpose of serving customers with a human-centered approach cannot be changed, while pharmacies can also do deeper expansion in a certain area in addition to expanding the width of their operations.


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