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Market Analysis- Weekly Report- July 12 to July 16, 2021- Hot Products

Echemi 2021-07-26

Market Analysis- Weekly Report- July 12 to July 16, 2021- Hot Products

Chemical product


This week, the focus of domestic dichloroethane market rose slightly. Within the week, the main manufacturer of Shanghai chlor alkali stock pressureless supportoffer, the tight supply in East China pushed up the focus of transaction, and the downstream users mainly replenished the warehouse on demand, which limitedthe push up range.


This week, the PX market fell in shock, and the market price fell in a narrow range.From the macroeconomic market perspective, although the US stock market roseduring the week to support the market atmosphere, investors worried that the UScrude oil inventories continued to decrease.



This week, the domestic DMF market consolidation. With the resumption of production of Xinghua plant in Shaanxi Province, the market supply is slightly supplemented, but the overall supply is still relatively small. Some factories actively deliver orders, and the inventory level is low. This week, the overall supply and demand is relatively balanced, and the price focus is mainly stable.


This week, the domestic DBP market showed consolidation after the center of gravity went down, and went up at the weekend. The price of raw material n-butanol went down in the week. For DBP,when the cost conduction was obvious, it mostly followed the trend of raw material n-butanol, the demand side was weak, and the resistance to shipment was difficult to eliminate.


This week, the domestic DOP market first suppressed and then rose, and there plenishment situation in the storage stage, and other cycles were mostly justsmall orders. Due to the negative factors of octanol's release at the weekend,DOP merchants have a high resistance to shipment.


TDI prices rose slightly this week. As of Friday, the delivery of domestic goods with tickets in East China was around 13900-14000 yuan / ton, while the delivery of goods with tickets in Shanghai was around 14200-14300 yuan / ton, up 100-200 yuan / ton compared with last Friday.


This week, the domestic aggregate MDI market as a whole fluctuated. As of thisFriday, the reference price of Shanghai goods and Wanhua goods in East China for barreled delivery with tickets was 20500-20800 yuan / ton, which was basically the same as last Friday.


PTA market closed up in a narrow range this week, and the market price rose slightly. As of July 16, the PTA spot market price was 5073 yuan / ton, up 40yuan / ton from last Friday, or + 0.81%.


The BDO market in China continued to rise this week, and the mainstream talks on bulkwater sources in East China were 21000-21500 yuan / ton by Friday, up 1200-1700yuan / ton on a month basis.

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