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News from the National Convention! The fluctuation range of trading electricity price is expanded to 20%

Echemi 2021-10-11

The executive meeting of the State Council held on the 8th further made arrangements for the supply of electricity and coal this winter and next spring to ensure the basic lives of the people and the stable operation of the economy.


The meeting clarified that under the premise of maintaining the stability of electricity prices for residents, agriculture, and public welfare undertakings, the fluctuation range of market transaction electricity prices should be adjusted from no more than 10% and 15% respectively, to no more than 20% in principle, and do a good job Classified adjustment, for high-energy-consuming industries, prices can be formed by market transactions, and are not subject to a 20% rise.

In the context of tight power supply, power rationing has recently appeared in many parts of the country. The meeting pointed out that since the beginning of this year, energy prices in the international market have risen sharply, and domestic power and coal supply and demand have continued to be tight. Various factors have led to recent power cuts in some places, which have affected normal economic operations and residents' lives.

In view of the still high pressure on the supply and demand of electricity and coal this winter and next spring, the meeting emphasized that ensuring energy security and ensuring the stability of the industrial chain supply chain is an important part of the "six guarantees." Market-oriented measures and reform measures ensure the supply of electricity and coal.

The meeting requested that all parties should consolidate their responsibilities for energy supply and safe production. Persist in seeking truth from facts and strengthen overall planning. All localities must strictly implement the responsibility of territorial management, do a good job in orderly management of electricity use, and correct some places where "one size fits all" suspension of production and production restrictions or "exercise-style" carbon reduction, and oppose inaction and chaos. Major coal-producing provinces and key coal enterprises must implement the task of increasing production and supply as required. Central power generation enterprises must ensure that their thermal power generating units are fully distributed. Power grid companies must strengthen power operation dispatching and safety management. Those who fail to implement the responsibility of ensuring energy supply must be held accountable seriously.

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