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    TECNO FIDTA 2020

    Qufair 2020-03-05

    Date: Sep 15-18, 2020

    LocationCosta Salguero Exhibition Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina


    TECNO FIDTA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a biennial event co-organized by Messe Frankfurt and Argentine Food Technology Commission. TECNO FIDTA is an iconic event for Argentina's food industry. In this exhibition, you will have a chance to talk face to face with international famous manufacturersAt the same time, it provides you with a platform to understand the Argentine market, understand the market activities of the competitors and consolidate the South American market, which will become an exhibition tailored for you.


    1) Food additives: citric acid, anticaking agent, defoaming agent, antioxidant, bleach, raising agent, furthermore, colorant, stabilizer.color-protecting, compound food additive, emulsifying agent, enzymes, edible flavor spices, flavoring agent, flour treatment agent, water retention agent, nutrition enhancer, preservatives, stability and curing agent, sweeteners, thickener, gum base agent

    2) Food ingredients: starch, modified starch, starch sugar, sugar alcohol, edible oil and grease substitutes, special flour, yeast products, oligosaccharides, plant protein, dietary fiber, fruits and vegetables and meat freeze-dried food, all kinds of fillings, seasoning, spice, pepper, ginger, seasoning, dairy products, health food, animal and plant extracts, beverage concentrate, ice cream stabilizer, pickled, soy products, nuts, instant tea, cocoa products, egg products, functional food ingredients

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