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Market Analysis - Monthly Report - December 2021- Hot Products

ECHEMI 2022-01-10

Market Analysis - Monthly Report - December 2021- Hot Products


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This month, the focus of China's vinyl acetate Market has declined. As of December 31, the reference price in North China is about 11000-12000 yuan / ton, the local mainstream price in East China is about 12700-13000 yuan / ton, and the reference price in South China is about 130000-14000 yuan / ton. This month, the overall trend of China's vinyl acetate market fell sharply. At the beginning of this month, the overall trading atmosphere in the market began to weaken, the downstream enthusiasm for procurement decreased, and the wait-and-see atmosphere was strong.



Propylene Glycol

This month, the focus of China's propylene glycol market fell, and there was no lack of short-term rebound, but the overall decline was dominated. Taking East China as an example, the decline at the end of the month was 11.1% compared with the beginning of the month. At present, from the supply side, wells stopped at the end of September and is expected to restart after new year's day; Yulin Yunhua phase I is restarted, and phase II is to be determined



Acetic Acid

In December, China's acetic acid market was dominated by horizontal consolidation. At the beginning of the month, the market continued the inertial downward trend, but then it was mainly stable. Yangzi BP acetic acid plant was shut down for maintenance on December 4 and restarted on December 1 next month; Nanjing BPS stopped unexpectedly on December 6 and started at the end of the month; Celanese also stopped short in the month, while Jiangsu Thorpe returned to normal in the second half of the month. The operating rate of the industry is lower than the average level, while the demand for large downstream PTA and acetate is relatively stable.




China's TDI market was in short supply this month, with a wide rise. As of the end of the month, the ex warehouse price of Shanghai barreled goods in East China fluctuated around 15600-15900 yuan / ton, and the ex warehouse price of domestic barreled goods was 15400-15600 yuan / ton, an increase of 1650 yuan / ton compared with the end of last month.




In December, China's DMF market fluctuated upward. At the beginning of the month, under the air atmosphere, the price continued to adjust downward, and the on-site buying was tepid. However, with the approaching of the new year, the upstream factories released the news of production restriction due to policy factors such as environmental protection and the Winter Olympics. In addition, considering that there is no inventory in the downstream and there is a demand for appropriate stock at the end of the year, the seller's attitude of supporting the price began to appear.

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