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VPi's Weakness Slows Down, And Inventory Positions Are Basically Formed

ECHEMI 2022-01-20

1. Data monitoring, on January 19, the veterinary drug raw material price index (VPi) was 90.15. The market transaction in the first half of January increased slightly compared with the previous period, and the performance of the stocking season was lower than expected. In comparison, the trade channel is active in stocking up the expected better categories, and has an increased acceptance of factory prices. The downstream has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere and just needs to purchase.


2. The logistics in some areas began to stop, the downstream purchasing sentiment was not high, the stocking volume was low, the demand was dragged down by the market, and the transaction resistance was relatively large. The transaction between trades decreased compared with the previous period, and the holiday inventory positions were basically formed. The downstream market is less willing to stock up on weak categories, and it is mainly after the holiday. Although the recent price of amoxicillin, acemequine and other categories has been affected by upstream factors, prices have risen, but the downstream market sentiment has been dulled, and it is difficult to mobilize the willingness to make inquiries.


3. Raw materials for veterinary medicines: The overall performance of the raw materials for veterinary medicines in this period is average, the owners are still quite motivated to ship goods, and the downstream buying atmosphere is relatively dull near the holidays, and the mainstream transactions are average, and most of them are stock purchases with appropriate trade channels. With the Spring Festival approaching, logistics has been gradually suspended, and the pre-holiday market has been determined, with a small and gentle increase in transaction volume compared with previous years. For doxycycline hydrochloride, florfenicol and other categories, the market transaction prices fell steadily. Factory prices of penicillin potassium industrial salt, amoxicillin, acetoquine and other categories are high, the market is highly concerned, and trade channels are actively stocking, so please pay attention.


4. Vitamins: The domestic vitamin market is generally stable and weak. The downstream demand is still weak, and the market outlook is not expected to be good. Inventory capital pressure in trade channels, price competition, and positive shipments. The factory side is still willing to support prices, and the pressure is getting stronger due to factors such as cost. For categories with scattered upstream production capacity and strong competition among suppliers, it is advisable to operate with low warehouses. The price of calcium pantothenate is strong. It is necessary to pay attention to the production and delivery situation of each factory, and pay attention to market changes caused by uncertain factors such as epidemic and weather in the near future.

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