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    Watsons: suspension of personal care products containing plastic particles

    Echemi 2019-05-31


    According to the statistics of the Environmental Protection Department's "Hong Kong Solid Waste Monitoring Report" in 2017, Hong Kong people discard an average of 10,733 tonnes of urban solid waste every day, of which nearly 2,124 tonnes are plastic waste, accounting for 20% of urban solid waste. Watson Group has always been concerned about environmental protection to support sustainable development. We continue to save energy, reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize the negative impact on the natural environment. In order to fulfill its commitment to environmental protection, Watson Group has banned the use of plastic particles in its own brand washable personal care products since 2014. Further, it was decided to extend the ban to all washable cosmetics/personal care products containing plastic particles and to suspend all products by the end of 2019. In addition, the group's retail brands are actively pursuing plastic reduction measures, striving to achieve a balance between providing quality products and environmental protection, and create a better living environment. Ni Wenling, chief operating director of Watson Group, said: "Watson Group not only focuses on business development, but also on corporate social responsibility and environmental protection. In recent years, our brands have actively implemented plastic reduction measures to appeal for and promote environmental awareness to the public. At the same time, we hope to use our vast store network to more effectively cohere the strength of environmental protection groups, businesses and the public, and strive for the practice of a green society throughout the city.

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