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    Create the first brand of high-end paint

    Echemi 2019-08-12


    In 2018, Xu Xiaoyang, who is the agent of 78 paint brands, joins hands with Huawang Paint, and regards Huawang Paint as the focus of market development. Focusing on Benchmarking brand is a fundamental strategy for an excellent distributor to become bigger and stronger. 

    When wholesale is considered more and more difficult to do in the market, Xu Xiaoyang thinks it is easy. Xu Xiaoyang, with his deep understanding of Huawang's product structure and perseverance and optimism, has brought into full play the market role of high performance-price ratio products: to enter the market with high performance-price ratio products, to build brand reputation, and then to distribute high-end products to the market, and finally to win the market in an all-round way. Xu Xiaoyang has always insisted on giving full play to the market advantages of base and auxiliary materials and promoting the sales of star products. He hopes to help other distributors innovate their marketing concepts with his own experience and jointly build Huawang Paint as the first brand of high-end paint!

    "There are so many brands that it is impossible to do all of them quite well. So after screening, I put my focus on Huawang Paint, and planning in three years, not to mention the first place in the country, but at least to rank in the top of the country, this is my goal."

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