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    Ningde: Let every food have an ID card.

    Echemi 2019-08-22


    Recently, the Municipal Market Regulatory Bureau issued the "Notice on the Work of Food Safety in 2019" and deployed the objectives and measures of various links to strengthen the promotion. In the future, every food will have its "ID card".

    Notice requires that traceability information of raw materials and products purchased by food production enterprises in production links (including special foods) should be uploaded batch by batch, the total number of data uploaded for production products should not exceed 25% of the total number uploaded, and the random sampling data uploaded for specific food retail links should not exceed 25%, of which, on August 15. After the product should be uploaded the corresponding batch of quality inspection report.

    Sales link wholesale (wholesale) operators of food should not upload more than 25% of the total processed food data; specific food retail operators should not upload more than 25% of the random spot inspection data of food and edible agricultural products; operators in Ningde Huazhou Aquatic City should register according to the actual number and realize the traceability. According to the upload, and an average of at least 25 uploads per day.

    Notice requires that the data of random spot inspection of food and edible agricultural products in school canteens in our city should not exceed 25%. On average, each large restaurant, central kitchen and collective dining distribution unit uploads at least 25 items per day.

    In addition, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has vigorously implemented the "one pass" system in the city's food production and operation links to promote the implementation of the work of obtaining certificates and tickets. By the end of 2019, the "one pass" system for processed food in Pingnan County was fully implemented, and by the end of 2020, the system for processed food in Pingnan County was fully implemented. Huitong Municipal Agriculture, Marine Fisheries and other departments should at least establish a dockable and cascading demonstration point of retrospective information chain in each county to play a learning, replicable and promotional role. Focus on strengthening the promotion of data upload in the key food agricultural wholesale market (Ningde Huazhou Aquatic City) to ensure that the data meet the requirements. Through timely follow-up training and follow-up of training results, technical barriers to new forensic producers and wholesalers of edible agricultural products with relatively low capacity can be solved. Administrative penalties shall be imposed according to law on food producers and operators who fail to reform their education and on key food producers and operators whose progress is less than required. The work progress of each county (city, district) is reported monthly to form a closed loop.

    Notice requests that the work situation of "one product, one yard", monthly progress report and supervision and inspection situation should be included in the annual assessment of county food safety. The County (city, district) Market Supervision Bureau should set up a leading and advancing group for the construction of "one product, one yard" traceability system in the whole process, and the main person in charge should be responsible for it. Personal inquiry, timely implementation of the work deployment of the Municipal Bureau, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure that the "one product, one yard" work continues to advance smoothly. (Zhang Wenkui, correspondent of Fujian East Daily, Huang Feng)

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