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    Gabrielle Wanyi Paint Helps Cultural Tourism Festival, Feeling Green and Clear

    Echemi 2019-09-02


    August 20, 2019 Liling Summer Village Cultural Tourism Festival opened in Junzishan Eco-cultural Scenic Area, Junchu Town. Gabrielle Wanyi Paint sponsored some advertisement shirts and caps, participated in the maintenance of the order of activities on the spot, helped the cultural tourism festival to open successfully, and organized a team to participate in Liling City's first peasant swing bridge PK finals, winning the title of the third army, and sent bursts of laughter and laughter for the opening ceremony.

    Wanyi participates in the Swing Bridge Competition

    This Rural Cultural Tourism Festival is hosted by Liling Municipal People's Government with the theme of "Why are you far away from each other?" Dong Wei, Deputy Secretary of Liling Municipal Committee and mayor of Liling City, declared the opening of the festival and joined the relevant leaders in opening the festival.

    Opening Ceremony of the Tourism Festival

    This tourism festival includes seven thematic activities, including the opening ceremony, photo exhibition, food carnival, rocking bridge PK competition, lotus viewing, gentleman fishing contest and so on, which will last until September 20. Thrilling and exciting drifting, leisurely and quiet fishing, graceful lotus, delicious food with special features... In this hot summer, for the vast number of tourists showed a natural beauty, unique folk customs of the United States and Chu. On the opening day of the tourism festival, the finals of the first PK Farmer Swing Bridge Competition in Liling City were launched in Junzishan Scenic Area. After 8 hours of fierce PK, the final team of the finals reached the third place of the Long Wu new village team represented by Wanyi lacquer and became one of the most beautiful "beautiful boys" team on the rocking bridge.

    Wanyi Lacquer Swing Bridge Team's heroic posture

    Wanyi Lacquer New Village Team represented by Changwu Lacquer won the third place

    Opening Ceremony also presented a splendid audio-visual feast. Junchu girl and Li Siyu, a new generation of "Liu Sanjie", came on stage to sing songs such as "I'm waiting for you in Liling". The performances of the twelve music halls, such as "Miracle" and "Magic China", will continue the splendor of the opening ceremony. Liling is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Hunan Province, which is managed by Zhuzhou City and located in the eastern part of Hunan Province. It is rich in ceramics and fireworks, and is one of the top 100 counties in the country. In recent years, Liling has actively established a national tourism demonstration area, holding a seasonal rural cultural tourism festival every year, intending to make Liling a happy paradise of "seeing mountains and rivers, keeping nostalgia". Located in the southwestern part of Liling City, Junchu Town, relying on the natural resources advantages of beautiful mountains and rivers and lush forests, has created a great charm of green Junchu.

    Wanyi is the second largest comprehensive brand of Carbury Group and one of the well-known paint brands in the Chinese market. Since its birth in 2008, it has adhered to the brand and professional line, and made considerable progress in the local market. Since this year, Gabrielle has integrated the two brands of Fair Blue Palace Art Paint and Waterproofing into Wanyi Sales Department, which makes Wanyi develop like a tiger and adds more choices for consumers. In Liling market, Wanyi has won a good reputation among consumers by virtue of its green product quality and meticulous one-stop painting service. The purpose of sponsoring Liling Cultural Tourism Festival is to give back the support and love of Wanyi lacquer to the general public.

    Wanyi Lacquer Swing Bridge Participants

    Zhuzhou Wanyi Shop One-stop Painting System

    General Manager Xu Min of Liling Wanyi Distributor said: "The Cultural Tourism Festival of Liling City is held in Green Junchu, highly consistent with Wanyi brand's green and environmental characteristics, which is also Wanyi Ji. Participate in the original intention of the tourism festival. In the future, Wanyi Lacquer will better serve consumers and create a "one-in-a-million, livable" living environment for more than one million Liling citizens.

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