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    Exclusive Analysis —— European Coating Market Report

    Echemi 2017-09-14

    Echemi will hold “Echemi Coating Forum & Procurement Conference” on November 14, 2017 in Shanghai, which is a face-to-face meeting for both suppliers and buyers. In this forum, Echemi will invite several specialists to give us several coating market reports. 

    Jose Ramón Peñalver is the Product Manager at Campi y Jove SA (Ravago Chemicals). He is an experienced product manager with a demonstrated history of working in the chemicals industry. Mr. Peñalver has strong product management professional with a Master focused in Sales Management. Skilled in Chemistry, Business Development, Polymers, and Additives, this time he will give a speech about the coatings market in Spain on that day.

    Ravago Chemicals:

    Ravago is a family company. During its 55 years of existence, Ravago has grown from a local Belgian team to an international group with headquarters in Luxembourg. Over 5200 employees across the globe work together in the same spirit of partnership. Nevertheless, Ravago endeavors to maintain the same corporate values: professional expertise combined with personal modesty. Just like the tree’s branches extending out of the Ravago logo’s framework, the loyal group of family members continues to grow outside of its original habitat.

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