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    Echemi Procuremnet Conference: Help You Find Accurate Suppliers in China

    Echemi 2017-09-15

    Time: November 14, 2017 

    Address: No. 889, Yang Gao Nan Road, Shanghai, China

    Echemi Procuremnet Conference

    Asia Pacific region is the largest and fastest-growing market for coatings worldwide, where the demand for coatings continues to boost. Fueled by strong economic growth, emerging middle class and rising population in the region, there is an increasing demand for residential projects, auto-motives and higher quality product and thus sustaining coatings and paint use. Increasing infrastructure investment and shifting of global manufacturing to the region further spur the sales of coatings.


    To seek this opportunity, “Echemi Coating Forum and Procurement Conference” will be held on November 14, 2017 in Shanghai. The event provides a great opportunity for Chinese suppliers and overseas suppliers to seek coating industrial cooperation and prospective joint ventures. At that time, there will be hundreds of purchasers from all over the world. So far, the number of buyer groups has been reached over 30 and will continue to increase. Moreover, Ehcemi can provide more than two Chinese accurate suppliers for overseas buyers. Up to now, more than 20 Chinese suppliers will come to this procurement conference, and these suppliers will provide the high-quality coating products, such as titanium dioxide, kaolin, butyl acetate, and so on.


    Come to this procurement conference, and you will get chances to meet world elites and qualified manufacturers in Shanghai!

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