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Air Liquide signs a new long-term hydrogen supply contract with Cisco

Echemi 2020-04-03

Recently, Air Liquide of France signed a new long-term contract with the world's leading provider of high-tech polymer materials, Cisco, to supply hydrogen to its production base in Antwerp Port Area. Air Liquide will invest 80 million euros to build a "new generation" hydrogen plant. The technical equipment of the factory is advanced. It will use the latest patented technology from Air Liquide to improve energy efficiency in the production process and improve the overall environmental footprint. Air Liquide can also supply the hydrogen produced to various customers in the industrial area. Air Liquide has signed a new long-term hydrogen supply contract with Cisco under which hydrogen will be used to produce aniline.


Aniline is the basic chemical raw material of polyurethane products widely used in construction, automobile or household appliance industries. Air Liquide will design, build and operate the "next generation" hydrogen generation smr-x. The device can improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint in hydrogen production process. Compared with the traditional SMR device, the total natural gas consumption and carbon dioxide emission of the device in hydrogen production will be reduced by about 5%. At the same time, Cisco will collect part of the carbon dioxide produced in the production process and use it as raw materials in its own production process. Collect carbon dioxide and concentrate the recovered carbon dioxide as part of the circular economy system. It is expected that the new smr-xtm device will be officially put into operation in 2020, which can achieve the best performance in terms of energy efficiency, safety and operational reliability.


The new plant will also support kostron in building production bases in Benelux and will strengthen the current hydrogen supply network of Air Liquide in Antwerp industrial area. Guy salzgeber, executive vice president of Air Liquide Group and member of the Executive Committee overseeing industrial production activities, said: "we are very pleased to strengthen cooperation with the group's strategic customer, kostron. By building a new generation of hydrogen plants, Air Liquide has demonstrated its ability to meet customer needs with solutions that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. This project demonstrates our innovation capability and will consolidate our market position in the most dynamic industrial area in northern Europe. " "We are very pleased to strengthen our partnership with Air Liquide," said Volker weinritt, general manager of kostron in Antwerp. The investment in the new plant will not only guarantee the reliability and flexibility of the raw material supply of our plant, but also the new plant and its capacity will open up a new development prospect for our plant in Antwerp. "

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