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Researchers Develop New Antimicrobial Coating

Paint Square 2020-05-18

Researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology recently announced that they have developed a multilevel antimicrobial polymer (MAP-1) coating that they say is effective in killing viruses, bacteria and spores.

While the coating is confirmed to be effective against drug-resistant microorganisms in the healthcare space (including two field studies in the Kowloon Hospital and Haven of Hope Woo Ping Care and Attention Home), the team also works with the Water Supplies Department and the Drainage Service Department to field test the coating in infrastructure projects as well.

The coating was developed by a team led by professor Yeung King-lun, of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Division of Environment and Sustainability.

According to the university: “MAP-1 coating provides lasting protection and surface disinfection against microbial contamination. This product is designed for use on different surfaces including metals, concrete, wood, glass, plastics as well as fabrics, leathers and textiles without changing the materials’ appearance and tactile feel.

"According to the Technical Standard for Disinfection issued by the National Health Commission in Mainland China, the coating is proven to be non-toxic and is safe for skin and the environment, hence it also allows MAP-1 to be made into hand sanitizers, paints and coating, filter materials for air and water purification, as well as clothing and surgical masks to safeguard the health of the individual and public.”

The coating reportedly prevents microbial adhesion on a surface by using the special blend of antimicrobial polymers, effectively killing “99.9% of bacteria and viruses.”

The university noted that in an effort to combat COVID-19, it has collaborated with Chiaphua Industries Limited to apply the coating in 70 daycare centers, elderly homes, schools, malls, buses, churches and sports facilities.

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