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Cooperate with CHC, Echemi Help Me Find Quality Products

Echemi 2018-03-02


“Cooperated with Echemi from 2016, we built a quite tacit relationship. With Echemi’s help, we found a large number of qualified products and high-quality Chinese suppliers,” said Sam Lin, the purchasing director of Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works.(CHC) Sam Lin is an experienced purchasing director with a demonstrated history of working in the chemicals industry.

Better Services


“Echemi provided us better services and we thought our choice is correct.” said Mr. Lin. Echemi professional customer service helps suppliers and buyers choose right resources and solve the problems when trading. For instance, during the Global Coating Forum and Procurement Conferences, Echemi helped CHC to find three accurate suppliers.

Quality Products


“Echemi Services showed the purchase information in time and provided us high-class suppliers and products,” Mr. Lin showed the second point. For instance, phosphoric acid is one of the star products in Echemi. Echemi provides high-quality food-grade phosphoric acid to CHC with a reasonable price. Furthermore, Mr. Lin said that Echemi has fast delivery with professional packaging, which is the core competitive edge for Echemi. Also, Echemi provides detailed shipping schedule, ocean freight inquiry and calculation, freight track, etc.

About CHC

Established in 1956,Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works, Ltd. is the first private sulfuric acid plant in Taiwan. Products of the plant are mainly Inorganic chemicals related to the downstream sulfuric acid industry and the application fields include water treatment, cleaning agents, papermaking.

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