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    Chloroacetic Acid Market Saw No Supportive Factors

    Echemi 2018-03-28

    Introduction: Liquid chlorine market prices moved up, and chloroacetic acid producers saw more loss. However, the chloroacetic acid market continued to be weak and low.  

    chloroacetic  acid

    Glacial acetic acid market prices were at highs and liquid chlorine fluctuated greatly. It was difficult for chloroacetic acid producers to purchase goods in advance. The market remained tepid and producers’ profits shrank. Though the profits were satisfactory in Q4, 2017. The operation activity was weighed down on the defective operation.      

    This week, the prices of liquid chlorine moved up greatly. The increase was RMB 1,200/mt. The production cost of chloroacetic acid moved up without considering the prices of hydrochloric acid. Mainstream prices were hovering at lows. However, liquid chlorine prices slumped at the weekend. As producers purchased goods from hand to mouth, the production cost of the chloroacetic acid was different.    

    As for the demand, chloroacetic acid’s largest application is glycine and glyphosate. Most glyphosate producers owns their own chloroacetic acid units. The demand for chloroacetic acid from CMC, glycine betaine and chloroacetyl chloride was flat. Inquiries in the chloroacetic acid were limited.     

    The supply is surplus in the chloroacetic acid market. Players are cautious about the market and purchase goods on a need-to basis. It is predicted that the Chinese chloroacetic acid market will continue to move marginally at lows. 

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