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    Echemi PCHI series interviews - Latest regulation and trend

    Echemi 2020-09-09

    The latest regulations of the cosmetics industry have become more stringent after the release. Subsequent products claims must have corresponding toxicology reports and test reports. According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, the export value of China's cosmetics industry in 2019 was $2.363 billion and the import value was $13.495 billion.

    During the PCHI 2020 Summit which ended last week, Echemi interviewed couples of industry professionals who gave in-depth interpretations.




    Echemi Interview - Mr. Chen, Chairman of CAFFCI

    Interpretation of new cosmetic regulations/Cosmetic product sales trends
    Read full interview:


    Echemi Interview -Mr. Guo, Chief Scientist/Deputy General Manager of Bloomage Biotech

    Patented low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid produced by enzyme digestion method/ Biologically active substances: ergothione mushroom extract, ectoine.

    Read full interview:


    Echemi Interview - Victor, Consulting Director of Greater China, Globaldata

    Innovative Trends and Opportunities in the Asian Skin Market

    Read full interview:


    Echemi Interview - Dr. Tang from YAT

    The next cosmetic ingredient outlet


    Echemi Interview - Mr. Liu Xiaonan, Sales Manager of Focus Chem Americas

    Oligomeric hyaluronic acid produced by the enzyme digestion method 

    Read full interview:

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