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    To expand the application of cosmetics, three major problems must be solved

    Echemi 2020-09-10

    Plant extracts are a relatively common type of raw material used in cosmetics.

    Let's take a look at the data of plant extracts in cosmetic raw materials. At present, the "Catalogue of Names of Used Cosmetic Ingredients" (2015 edition) has published 8783 used cosmetic ingredients, of which more than 2,000 are plant ingredients, and 355 used flower ingredients are included.

    After entering the market, plant extracts face two situations of being hacked and blown:

    The following cases are criticized:

    a. The content of active ingredients in plant extracts is low, not enough to meet the efficacy requirements.

    b. The source of the effective part of plant extracts is not clear.

    c. The plant extract is an extraction process, which is non-natural and comparable.

    There are several situations of being blown:

    a. "Ten Herbs and Nine Recipes", the palace secret technique!

    b. The role of effective ingredients in plant extracts is clear.

    With the release of the 2020 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, it can be seen that the number of varieties of Chinese medicines included is equal to the number of varieties of chemical medicines, which further shows that the development of plant extracts in cosmetics is worthy of expectations.

    The article "Dry Goods丨The Application of Flower Plants in Cosmetics" once said that the safety and quality control of cosmetic raw materials is the first and most important part of cosmetic product quality control. The safety of cosmetic raw materials directly affects the safety of products. . For plant materials, especially extracts, the biggest problem is the stability, controllability and uniformity of the quality of the extracts, and the repeatability and controllability of the process. The third is the evaluability and safety of efficacy. Only by solving the above-mentioned problems can the safety of plant raw materials used in cosmetics be ensured. Solving several major problems, plant raw materials will be promising in cosmetic applications.

    The Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2020 edition) further clarifies the following points for Chinese medicine:

    1) Research on pesticide residue limit standards;

    2) Set the extract limit of Chinese medicine extraction process;

    3) Research on the medicinal parts of Chinese medicine;

    4) Further research on pharmacological ingredients, etc.

    For Chinese medicine, it is clinically oriented, safe and effective, quality controllable, and reasonable dosage forms, which conform to the characteristics of the Chinese medicine industry.

    As far as plant extracts are concerned, the attitude of Chinese medicine research should be used, and the basic research of plant extracts should be done in order to solve the problem of being blacked and blown, and to make the development of plant extracts in cosmetics promising.

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