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    DSM launches TILAMAR, a bio-friendly cosmetic ingredient

    Echemi 2020-09-08

    Royal DSM, a global scientific company active in nutrition, health and green living, announced the launch of the first European-made, cosmetic-grade propylene glycol (PDO) raw material-TILAMAR PDO with NØØVISTA (hereinafter referred to as TILAMAR) to the market. And the raw material is 100% non-GMO source, certified as a microbiome-friendly raw material by MyMicrobiome.

    METEX NØØVISTA is a biochemical company that develops and manufactures sustainable fermentation technology. Earlier this year, DSM and METEX NØØVISTA reached a global strategic cooperation agreement and plans to bring the first European-made cosmetic-grade PDO to the market.

    TILAMAR is a multi-purpose raw material suitable for all cosmetic products. Its advantages and performance as a sensory enhancer, solvent, humectant and preservative have been confirmed in many tests.

    MyMicrobiome's evaluation of TILAMAR shows that TILAMAR has an excellent antiseptic effect and is beneficial to the microecological balance of the skin flora. When the content of TILAMAR in the product is 2%, it has the least impact on the diversity of the skin flora, and the impact on the abundance and growth of key microorganisms is negligible.

    Bruno Trinquart, head of DSM's Personal Care and Fragrance Ingredients Division, told the launch of TILAMAR: “The research on skin flora is expected to revolutionize our skin and hair care methods. Today, we see the huge market for flora-friendly products. Potential, I believe that our products not only have outstanding performance, but also fit the future trend of friendly flora."

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