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    BASF releases new brand strategy

    Echemi 2020-09-15

    On September 8, BASF released its Infinergy E-TPU brand new brand strategy-stimulating sports Empowering Movement, creating a new brand image for Infinergy and showing its sports power. At the same time, BASF used modern virtual exhibition hall technology to showcase the multi-domain applications and characteristics of Infineon.

    Jens P. Dierssen, Head of Global Business Management of BASF Inflix, said: "Inflix is synonymous with innovation. It is committed to breakthroughs in chemistry and has created Dunlop rackets, Adidas Boost series running shoes, Ergon Innovative products with excellent quality such as saddles. The launch of a new brand image this time not only reflects the brand promise of Infidelity, but also shows that Infidelity has transformed from the world's first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) to a leading high The development history of performance material solutions. We hope to deepen the relationship with major brands and their customers by advancing the strategy of "Empowering Movement", and to further explore how Infidelity can stimulate design potential."

    The brand new logo font adopts strong sports style italics, the brand image of Inflix has been completely renewed, full of power, vitality, passion and speed. The design of the letter e in the trademark is inspired by the unique shape of Infiniti E-TPU particles, and the arrow in it represents the unlimited potential of the material, improving resilience, comfort and durability. Jian Dishen said: "Our new brand strategy mainly inspires two audiences: changers and enterprising. Changers are entrepreneurs and engineers who focus on building industry benchmark products to promote world development. Enterprising refers to Those consumers who enjoy being motivated by Inflight products, such as bicycle saddles, rackets, tires or sports floors, etc. The new brand strategy shows how Inflight inspires customers to improve products and performance to new heights ."

    In addition, the virtual exhibition hall showcases creativity and cooperation projects. Inspired by the unique shape and structure of Yingfeili's foamed thermoplastic polyurethane particles, the virtual exhibition hall covers the following three areas: the brand area, which presents new brand concepts and introduces Yingfeili to the audience in shoe materials. Application in the three main areas of, sports and leisure, and floor; exhibition area, showing successful cases with major partners and customers, such as the newly launched South American brand Maincal's Voran safety shoes series, etc.; resource area, explaining product knowledge for the audience Learn more about the innovative products of the new Inflix brand, such as the recently launched black particles and mini particles.

    Since its launch in 2013, BASF Infidelity foamed thermoplastic polyurethane has laid the material foundation for customers' leading innovative products such as shoe materials and rackets. Nowadays, millions of consumers will further appreciate the superior energy feedback and resilience of Infineon compared to traditional materials in some high-performance products.

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