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    Givaudan's "Natural Platform" is launched, the core is these 3 types of spices

    Echemi 2020-09-16

    Givaudan has launched a "natural platform" with three types of fragrances as the core, and is committed to creating natural fragrances and fragrances.

    On September 14th, Givaudan announced on its official website that it will launch the Naturality Platform™ of fragrances and fragrances to strengthen the company’s strength, fulfill its commitment to create fragrances and fragrances that care for nature, and promote this The company's purpose-to create with the love of nature, to make people happier and healthier.

    Givaudan’s natural platform program was launched 3 years ago. The platform caters to consumers' pursuit of fragrances and fragrances designed in a prudent, truth-seeking and responsible manner. At its core are natural raw materials, raw materials from renewable sources, and biodegradable raw materials.

    The goal of this natural platform is to design daily chemical flavors and fragrances in a way that cares for nature. The three cornerstones supporting it are:

    1. Multiple rigorous consumer research projects. These surveys have found that consumer expectations are shifting towards responsible products.

    2. "Naturality Guide™". The guide presents clear market divisions and insights, clarifies new formula design rules, and provides support for customers in caring for the development parameters and selection of natural daily chemical flavors and fragrances.

    3. "Naturality Index™". This index can help perfumers choose suitable raw materials and design daily chemical fragrances that respect nature and are full of unique creativity. The formation of the index is based on a deep understanding of sustainability standards related to the creation of fragrances and fragrances. The standard consists of five aspects: eco-toxicity, biodegradability, renewability, energy efficiency and procurement.

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