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    Market Analysis - Monthly Report - September, 2020 - Coating

    Echemi 2020-10-09

    Echemi monthly report of coating in September 2020


    In September, affected by the National Day the goods, the factory inventories low, order more, butdue to raw material, the factory have rise in price, downstream and traders buy or not to buy upfactors, positive margin, caused a certain degree of marketing hype, but the whole, the main downstream still maintain normal work, just need to purchase, outbreaks can be largely ignored, on the basis of the traditional peak season coming, the price cannot return to low.



    Look next month, isopropanol market operation trend will maintain downward. In October, acetone market was not good enough, so there was a high risk of falling back. However, domestic isopropanol factories were mostly kept in normal operation, and there was also a lack of good supply. In addition, export demand will continue to be a key driver of the isopropanol market, with current industry confidence in a subsequent recovery in demand generally poor, so the overall isopropanol market in October may be hard to find a positive.

    Maleic Anhydride:


    October maleic anhydride market high callback, raw material regular butane gradually into the peakseason, expected weak rebound, and crude benzene-hydrogenated benzene finishing mainly, costend to maleic anhydride market guidance is limited. October maleic anhydride market still need tofocus on the supply side, the early stage of the parking equipment is expected to return to work andI have heard the new device to save the related line plan, increase supply is expected in October, thedownstream resin is still at the traditional peak season, but demand growth is limited, and thecompany parking more negative reduction during National Day, holiday inventory demand is limited, therefore, the market supply and demand pressure, October market is expected to pressure descending, gradually return to a normal price range.



    Phthalic Anhydride:

    September domestic phthalic anhydride market to stabilize the end of the trading atmosphere is light. Demand side, in October, for the development of products, is still the traditional peak season, demand has certain positive expectations, but affected by the outbreak of this year, the demand toimprove the space is limited, just need to demand for phthalic anhydride, or have a short-term needimproving, the supply side, October the domestic basic have restart benzene anhydride manufacturer maintenance device, device reset initial production has no obvious increase, coupled with the first stock in September, most manufacturers have no basic inventory accumulation, therefore, has continued short-term stock situation or less.


    Dimethyl Carbonate:

    In October, there are 3 sets of equipment with a total annual capacity of 150,000 tons on the supply side ofdimethyl carbonate, which are scheduled to be overhauled for 10 days. Most of the rest have no maintenance plans for the time being, and both new devices are planned to be put on the market. The supply side is expected to increase, while the demand side. On the one hand, in the face of high prices of dimethyl carbonate, downstream demand is flat, and the downstream bearish sentiment in October, it is expected that mostdownstream factories will purchase dimethyl carbonate after the price declines, and the start of polycarbonate will be low. The overall forecast is for carbon dioxide in October.






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