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    Market Analysis - Monthly Report - November, 2020 - Food & Nutrition

    Echemi 2020-12-14

    Echemi monthly report of food&nutrition

    in November 2020



    Potassium sorbate


    The potassium sorbate raw material plant crotonaldehyde started normally, the raw material supply is stable, the transportation capacity is normal, the price is stable, and there is no obvious price increase. Read more market analysis about Potassium sorbate:



    This week, xylitol started stable, domestic production capacity has been released, the supply and demand relationship is unbalanced, the factory share is competing, and the price has not been raised. Read more market analysis about Xylitol:

    Xanthan Gum


    Domestic corn prices continued to fluctuate upward in November. The average price of yellow corn on November 1st and 3rd was 2371.43 yuan/ton, and the average daily price on November 30th was 2422.86 yuan/ton, up 2.17% in the month. Read more market analysis about Xanthan Gum:




    Affected by the new crown epidemic abroad, the domestic biotin export market continued to be weak, coupled with the start of full-line domestic factories, resulting in oversupply. Read more market analysis about Biotin :


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