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    Echemi 2018-10-29

    Time: Jan 30-Feb 1 , 2019

    Location Makuhari Messe, Japan


    COSME TOKYO is the largest cosmetics trade show in Japan.In just five years, COSME TOKYO has become the leading beauty show in Asia, firmly establishing its position in the Japanese cosmetics market.

    COSME Tech were judged the best platform for new customers, in this case, the collection of professional audiences not only have come from all over the world's leading cosmetics manufacturer, and include small and medium-sized manufacturers, new companies and OEM manufacturers, in addition, in recent years, the international professional audiences, especially there is an upward trend in professional visitors from Asia.

    If you want to stand out from the fierce competition in the Asian market, Tokyo beauty show will be the best platform.The exhibition area continued to expand, and the exhibition hall was moved to the screen exhibition hall from the previous Tokyo Big Sight.The 2019 Japanese beauty show will be another option for Chinese companies to explore overseas markets.

    As one of the most main economic entities in Asia, Japan, on the production and consumption of cosmetics in the second world, relevant authority figures show that in 2011, Japan's beauty and personal care products market to $46.7 billion after the United States, make-up products market in 2013 to $6.15 billion, after the United States, and with a strong recovery in Japan's economy, the production and consumption of cosmetics market trends to rise further.

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