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KTM:Help us make ehemical transaction easier

Echemi 2018-11-22


Sales and Marketing Manager of KTM--Baris CER with Echemi BD-- Elynn

“We’ve known with Echemi since 2017.During this time, we worked very closely together.Since then, accurate suppliers and valuable product information have been offered to us by Echemi at perfect timing.Current inquiries like MMA, Adipic acid, Buthl Acrylate and benzoic acid would get prompt update with detail offers from RFQ supplier and sales team.To our great surprise, offers were quickly replied by the Echemi professionals and we look forward to closer cooperation in the future.”said Baris CER,Sales and Marketing Manager of KTM who is content and familiar with Echemi.


Better Services and Echemi WAP 


“ECHEMI provides us with timely and accurate enquiries and thoughtful follow-up feedback, enabling us to achieve win-win results in cooperation.Recently,  Echemi WAP station has been launched, which is convenient for buyers to make inquiries, search suppliers, check present prices and conduct one-on-one communication through online customer service staff on mobile phone.This greatly improves our efficiency and accelerate chemical transaction.”said Baris CER.


About KTM

KTM was established in Istanbul in 1999 by Kazim Zulfikari, who is also the founder of the Zulfikarlar Group initiated by Haci Zulfikar Zulfikari in 1942, to trade and distribute oil products & petrochemicals.

KTM rapidly concluded long-term representation and distribution agreements with numerous international petrochemicals manufacturers and guaranteed the raw material supply for its clients and smooth service for its principles.

KTM is a third generation family owned company with a strong history, consisting of a dynamic and professional team, always open for growth and new opportunities.

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