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Power limit is coming! The supply of chemical raw materials will be tight again

Echemi 2021-05-25

Recently, a "Orderly Use of Electricity Notice" has spread all over the Internet. The Dongguan Humen Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. issued a document stating that the town’s industrial change customers need to implement an orderly power utilization plan from "on six and stop one" to "on five and stop two" from May to December this year. Enterprises that use electricity in an orderly manner will be punished for 48 hours of power outage.


At the same time, enterprises in Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Chaozhou and other regions in Guangdong region stated that they have received notices to implement the orderly use of electricity during peak hours (9-12 o'clock, 14 -17 o'clock) Stop production and use of electricity, and only retain electricity for security, heat preservation, lighting and daily life.


Some companies said that this is nothing, their companies have encountered "restricted upgrades", from "open five stop two" has been upgraded to "open four stop three", and said that they have been notified that they will start "open three" next week. Stop four", that is to say, there are only 12-16 days in a month to start work, and half a month is "idling" and normal production and operation cannot be performed.


At the same time, Yunnan, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang and many other places issued notices of orderly power consumption peaks, and some other industrial and manufacturing enterprises received notices of "power curtailment".
Quzhou, Zhejiang: In order to effectively cope with the power gap that may occur during the peak summer and winter of 2021, minimize the negative impact of the power supply and demand gap on the economy, and ensure that the lives of urban and rural residents and the power consumption of important departments and units are not affected. According to Zhejiang Province The National Development and Reform Commission’s "Notice on Developing an Orderly Utilization Plan for 2021" requires that, in light of the actual situation of Quzhou, the 2021 Quzhou Orderly Utilization of Electricity Staggered and Avoided Plan has been compiled and completed.


The industrial energy consumption of Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is expected to grow by 4.6%, reaching the red warning level of dual-control energy consumption. In order to ensure the completion of the dual-control target task of industrial energy consumption from January to May, it has been determined by research to adopt emergency measures for power curtailment. Relevant departments and enterprises do not stress conditions, make modifications, and do not compromise, and resolutely implement the deployment.

The power load of Sichuan power grid continues to grow at a high speed, coupled with the lack of incoming water, the shortage of electricity and coal, and the form of power supply is very severe. After research by relevant provincial departments, it is planned to implement temporary all-day power rationing on all big data users in the hydropower consumption demonstration area from May 16. The recovery time will be notified separately according to supply and demand.


Due to the decline in thermal power generation in Yunnan, the amount of rainfall is not as good as the expected hydropower generation. Recently, power companies in various prefectures in Yunnan Province have started emergency peak-shifting and curtailment. West-to-east power transmission from Yunnan to Guangdong is due to the transmission capacity of the dry season. insufficient. Starting from May 10th, Yunnan Province has begun emergency peak-shift rationing on electricity companies in various prefectures. At present, the peak-shift power limit is 10% for a period of two weeks, which is accomplished by reducing the current in the electrolytic cell. Some steel mills have begun to reduce production, and tin smelters have upgraded their electricity curtailment measures. All tin smelters in Gejiu area except Yunxi have stopped production, only ensuring safe load and production electricity. The aluminum plants in Yunnan received a notice to test the load of 10%; the aluminum plants received a dispatch notice at the beginning of the week, and the load was 15%; the aluminum plants received a dispatch notice last night, and the electricity consumption or load was reduced by 40%.


"Power curtailment" is earlier and more vigorous, what does the low operating rate mean?
The "power curtailment" mentioned by many industrial companies is actually a peak-to-peak electricity consumption, which is not new in many regions of the country. In previous years, the Guangdong region also had similar electricity curtailment measures during the July-September peak electricity consumption period, and "shaving peaks and filling valleys" to reduce electricity consumption. But this year's restrictions are obviously earlier than in previous years, and the intensity is even more shocking. Talking about the reasons, some people said that the weather this year is hot, the peak load is too high, and the grid peak-to-valley load gap is very large. During the peak, the power supply and the transmission capacity of the grid are restricted, resulting in a power supply gap during the peak period of power consumption.


On the other hand, my country's manufacturing industry "exploded" in the first half of the year, leading to excessive growth in industrial power consumption in recent months, foreign epidemics, factories not being able to start operations, and the return of domestic orders, which caused greater production pressure on enterprises. The Pearl River Delta region is a major manufacturing center, and Guangdong is also a major province of coatings and chemicals. Under the early "power curtailment" measures, the operating rate of enterprises has decreased, and the overhaul of major chemical and petrochemical plants in the second quarter has been superimposed and the load is reduced. Under the influence of multiple factors, the supply side of the industrial product market such as chemical industry has been frustrated, the supply of goods is tight, and the operating rate of industrial enterprises has decreased, making the market that is already in short supply "exacerbated."


From 1 day a week, to 2 days of power limitation, to "open 4 stop 3", and even individual enterprises "open 3 stop 4", it has become the norm for industrial enterprises to actively or passively choose to stop production. Some companies laughed and said that they used to envy the double-day break, but now they can take a full rest. Under the backlog of orders, they can only rush to prepare urgent orders first, and seeing other orders line up, they can't do anything. No matter who urges the order, the reply is "Let's wait in line" or "Wait." Under the imbalance of supply and demand, whether the prices of industrial products such as chemicals will be pushed up again, I believe that companies have a certain number in their minds.

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