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    Anti-glare Lens Coatings Can Reduce Eye Strain

    Connecting Western Washington 2017-05-08

    Typing, clicking, reading, staring. Almost all of Breann Debarge's work day is spent in front of a computer screen.

    Debarge has worn glasses since middle school, but it wasn't until her working life that she started to feel the pain of eye strain.

    "It can cause a lot of eye strain, fatigue at the end of the day while working on the computer," said Debarge.

    To save $100, Debarge opted for the standard lenses.

    After talking to her eye doctor about her eye strain, distracting reflections, and halos at night, it was recommended for her to consider an anti-glare coating for her lenses.

    They're something Dr. Mel Gehrig says allows more light to pass through the lens sharpening vision.

    "A normal coating reflects all visible light. So, the light actually reflects off, so it goes directly through to the eye," said Gehrig.

    Besides cutting down on eye strain by allowing more light to pass through your lenses, it also allows others to see your eyes better, making for better communication through facial expression, and some say making you more attractive.

    The anti-glare coating can be used on all lenses including transitional lenses, the ones that turn color in sunlight.  And for people working on computers a lot, it would help the glare from the screens.

    For Debarge, adding the coating has made her work much more comfortable.

    "It makes a total difference at the end of the day versus wearing glasses without it.  And just when you leave here, the weather has been pretty, youre driving outside, just cuts down on reflections from the sun, and it makes a tremendous difference," said Debarge.

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