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The chemical inspection is here! The price increase has begun!

Echemi 2021-06-16

Major inspections in the chemical industry, tension between supply and demand, boosting prices

The quotation of organic silicon soared to 30,800 yuan/ton in two days. Many factories have placed orders until mid-to-late June. It is difficult to find a single product; raw rubber and silica gel are not quoted, and the supply is tight. A price per minute; yellow phosphorus jumps in a week 6000 yuan/ton; titanium dioxide products have risen for 12 consecutive months. This year has started the sixth round of price increases. At present, it has risen 30% from the beginning of the year and 60% year-on-year. The current price has hit a 10-year high; isobutyraldehyde products daily An increase of 1,300 yuan/ton, a net profit of 12,000 yuan/ton, can be described as "a huge profit"... As for the reason for the price increase, the common explanation given by chemical companies is that the supply and demand are imbalanced, and the raw material is in short supply, and the price may rise again. Safety inspections were carried out in many provinces and cities across the country. As a key industry, the chemical industry will become the focus of investigation and remediation in various places. This round of inspections will promote the tighter supply of some chemical raw materials and increase the motivation for price increases.

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