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    BASF Named Sustainability Supplier of the Year by FCA US

    Coatings World 2017-05-10


    BASF was named the 2017 FCA US LLC Sustainability Supplier of the Year for the second time. Winners were selected based on a rating system that evaluates supplier performance in quality, delivery, cost, warranty, and partnership, as well as input from FCA senior leadership. BASF was also honored for its robust sustainability strategy, goals, and programs, which served as a key differentiator.

    FCA senior leadership also highlighted BASF’s willingness to share best practices, key insights, and knowledge. Last fall, BASF co-hosted the first Responsible Sourcing workshop with FCA US to raise awareness of and promote sustainability along the supply chain. The workshop brought together more than 40 Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to discuss sustainability strategies and develop action plans.

    “We honor those who continue to fuel our momentum by providing us not only the best ideas and cutting-edge technologies, but also the suppliers who consistently, exceed our expectations,” said Scott Thiele, Chief Purchasing Officer, FCA – Global.

    "BASF and FCA’s ongoing collaboration enables our commitment to sustainable innovation,” said Nader Mahmoud, Vice-President, Market and Business Development North America at BASF. “This award is an outstanding representation of our partnership as we continue to share best practices and progress between our sustainability teams.”

    Representatives from BASF accepted the award at a ceremony in Detroit on May 2.

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