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Market Analysis- Weekly Report- June 15 to June 18, 2021- Hot Products

Echemi 2021-06-23

Weekly Report (June 15 to June 18) of Hot products 




Ethylene Glycol

This week, the ethylene glycol market was supported by the sustained strength of international crude oil, which was on the upside. During the week, the international oil price rose more rapidly, and the energy and chemical sectors all rose in different range, ethylene glycol superimposed on the export demand to boost the market center slowly. During the week, the arbitrage window between China and Europe continued to open and foreigners sought export negotiation positively, but the fundamentals of ethylene glycol were still weak. Recently, the new plant was put into operation smoothly, and the import sources increased significantly in the middle and early June. Under the stable operation of downstream polyester, the overall supply side is expected to remain short, coupled with the phase adjustment pressure of international crude oil after touching the high level. Chemical market still needs to seek fundamental guidance, polyester industry chain in the glycol fundamental drive is still weak. Read more about


Propylene Glycol

Last week, the factory received positive orders at the beginning of the week, and the spot in the field was tight, new orders were scheduled for delivery, and the actual transaction price was slightly up, but the market rose to a high level, the downstream positivity weakened, and the demand inhibited the upward momentum, and the raw material PO was still downward trend at the beginning of the week, and the cost side support was down, and the market turned more wait-and-see digestion mentality, and the overall new order follow-up was limited. As of Friday, the market was running at a high level. Read more about


Acetic Acid

The domestic acetic acid market trend was varied this week. During the week, the industry started at a low rate and the tight inventory situation of acetic acid plants continued to be maintained. The downstream products had meager profits and strong resistance to high-priced raw materials. Under the pressure of poor export, some traders' prices were slightly relaxed and the atmosphere was stagnant. Read more about


isopropyl alcohol

This week, the domestic isopropyl alcohol market is stagnant after a decline.On the first day after the Dragon Boat Festival, the downstream demand remained light and the negotiation showed signs of softening. Subsequently, the supply side of the poor shipments continue to operate at a low level, the market gravity has declined to a certain extent. After that, the raw material acetone rebound trend, the industry's mentality has been boosted, continue to low intention to turn light. However, due to the ex-factory is still low, and the downstream replenishment mood is unfavorable, the negotiation center of gravity upward weak, the market showed a stalemate situation. Near the end of the week, there is no major change in the fundamentals of the field, traders wait-and-see mentality due to the stable price is obvious, along with the shipments, the market centerin a stable end of the round of working days. Read more about



This week, the domestic ethanol market fluctuated narrowly. The regional trend is stable, manufacturers ship more smoothly, inventory pressure is more controllable. After the market, the raw material end of the corn in the harvest period, the late supply pressure to ease. However, under the influence of the national home policy, some provinces and cities have introduced policies to restrict the time limit for hazardous chemical logistics vehicles, the trend of transactions or still weakened. The dried cassava import prices, the overall upstream supply is in an upward trend, the domestic ethanol market is expected to consolidate, but the cost of support for the industry's strong psychological price, individual may continue the upward trend. Read more about


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