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Bridgestone's Japanese plant switches to renewable energy

Echemi 2021-07-20

Recently, Bridgestone announced that the company’s four tire plants in Hikone, Tosu, Shimonoseki, and Kitakyushu in Japan have all used externally purchased renewable energy power, including hydropower, geothermal, solar, and wind power. energy. So far, all of Bridgestone's 10 factories in Japan have switched to renewable energy power. Compared with 2011, the annual carbon dioxide emissions of 10 tire factories will be reduced by about 30%. At present, renewable energy accounts for about 42% of the electricity used by the company's domestic tire production plants.


It is reported that Bridgestone has proposed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The medium-term environmental goal is to reduce total carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2030 compared to 2011. As part of the efforts to achieve the above goals, in March 2021, the company's European subsidiary Bridgestone Europe NVSA has achieved the goal of 100% renewable energy use in all business bases. In addition, Bridgestone has introduced solar power generation equipment in production plants in the United States and China, and strives to increase the proportion of renewable energy (electricity) in the company's production plants around the world from the current 12% to more than 50%.


As of 2020, the carbon dioxide emissions of Bridgestone's domestic tire plants have been reduced by approximately 30% compared to 2011.

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