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Jotun and Kansai Marine Coatings join forces again!

Echemi 2021-07-21

Recently, Jotun Group and Kansai Marine Coatings (KPM) have renewed their existing cooperation agreement until December 31, 2027. The renewal of the agreement confirms the two companies' commitment to continue to jointly develop and develop the marine coatings market. The agreement enables the marine coatings of the two companies to have a wider global market coverage and ensures that both parties continue to commit to continuous innovation and provide various solutions and services to customers in the global shipping and shipbuilding industry.


The signing ceremony was completed online in the form of a conference call. KPM President Shunichi Nishimura and Jordan's CEO and President Morten Fon signed the agreement. Senior executives of the two companies witnessed the signing ceremony. KPM Business Director Takashi Kuwabara, Jotun Executive Vice President Martin Chew, Vice President Tunc Kazancioglu, Northeast Asia Vice President Ferran Bueno, and Northeast Asia Marine Paint Director Morten Sten Johansen attended the signing ceremony. 


Jotun and KPM signed a cooperation agreement in 2002 to establish the SeaStar Alliance. The SeaStar Alliance provides Japanese shipowners with opportunities to obtain Jotun marine coating products and services on a global scale. This cooperation is one of the most successful cases in the coatings industry. It has jointly cultivated many high-end marine coatings brands, such as the famous SeaQuantum series, the world's leading acrylic silane antifouling paint brand.


The two parties agreed that in the marine coatings market in Greater China, Jotun Marine Coatings of COSCO will be responsible for supplying and providing related technical services to customers of Kansai Marine Coatings.

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