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Epoxy resin prices are high and shipments are tight

Echemi 2021-07-22

If the bisphenol A rises again today, the resin factory will trigger the price adjustment mechanism, and it may rise again. Fortunately, today's sub-brand bidding price solved the problem in three rounds. The price was not as high as expected, so there was no reason for the genuine BPA to jump again. The final closing was still the highest of 27,000 yuan/ton, which was the same as yesterday. In this way, there is no price change for the liquid resin for the time being.


ECH has weakened a bit today, with 14400-14500 yuan/ton self-raising, down about 200 yuan/ton from yesterday, a narrow adjustment and a slight weakness.


The offer of liquid epoxy resin continues to be strong today, the negotiation space is narrowed, some factories are tight, and the spot delivery is insufficient. At high prices, market transactions are slightly light, with only just-needed purchases, and more downstream users are waiting to see.


Today, the double raw materials have not risen any more, giving the resin a chance to breathe, and the downstream will not be frightened by the daily price increase for the time being, and can calmly purchase the appropriate amount on demand.


There are still many rumors in the market that the tree wants to be quiet but the wind is not stopping. There are still many rumors in the market. Whether BPA can stop there, just accept it, and gradually return to a rational price. It’s hard to say, I just hope that there will be no more troubles and moths, so that everyone can eat food. Just fine.


Zhengzhou, Henan, suffered extreme rainstorms, and the Chinese people are worried about it. It is reported that a resin plant was also forced to suspend production due to the impact of the flood. When it can resume, it will depend on changes in water conditions, and the impact of market supply will be evaluated.

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