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    Designed to Create a Premium Look for Automotive Interior Plastics


    Designed to create a premium look for automotive interior plastics, two new resins developed by DIC Corporation and delivered by Sun Chemical Advanced Materials have been launched at the European Coatings SHOW 2017.

    The new WATERSOL AC-7505 resin provides a desirable metallic finish on automotive interior plastic without a clearcoat. The 2K chemistry offers the chemical resistance needed in a single layer system, reducing complication in coating application and at the same time passing the industry’s most demanding sunscreen tests.

    Combining WATERSOL AC-7505 with Sun Chemical’s Benda-Lutz® SPLENDAL vacuum metalized flake pigments can produce luxurious finishes for inlays, bezels, handles, trim and other automotive interior plastic parts.
    Benda-Lutz SPLENDAL offers four unique, microscopically-thin aluminum platelet suspensions produced via physical vapor deposition. These vacuum metallized pigments range from a brilliant clean “white” to intense dark chrome reflections and are available in multiple solvents for almost every coating application. The SPLENDAL pigment range finds widespread application for premium consumer electronics, automotive interiors, and automotive wheels.

    Also on display at Sun Chemical booth located in Hall 4, Stand 4-353, is a new second-generation solventborne acrylic polyol DIC technology delivered by Sun Chemical called WRU-429 which provides improved self-healing as well as scratch and mar-resistance. WRU-429 exhibits outstanding adhesion to ABS and polycarbonate, and provides automotive interior coatings with superior DEET and sunscreen resistance.

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