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    Green Replacement of Multi-Point Flowering with Polyurethane Foaming Agent

    Echemi 2019-05-06


    Yang Xihong, general manager of Beijing Hengluo Polyurethane Co., Ltd., has been busy for nearly a year with data preparation, field tests and product testing. After the dust settled on the bidding results, he was a little relieved. Beijing in April is full of spring. After several interviews, the reporter finally interviewed Yang Xihong, general manager of Beijing Hengru Polyurethane Co., Ltd. The company won the project of spraying polyurethane foam for high-end passenger cars of Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Limited by Share Ltd shortly ago. "Outstanding from many old polyurethane enterprises, it shows that the cost, environmental protection, flame retardant, heat preservation and other indicators of polyurethane produced by non-fluorine chlorinated chemical foaming agent have been highly recognized by customers." When it comes to the application of chemical foaming agent, Yang Xihong is full of confidence. CFA8, a new type of chemical foaming agent for chlorofluoropolyurethane, has attracted wide attention from the industry since it came out, and won the first prize for technological invention in Shandong Province in March this year. However, the key to technology is application. In this regard, it is very clear that Butian New Material Technology Co., Ltd. holds the CFA8 patent right. Over the past one year, Butian has made breakthroughs in the industrial application of polyurethane rigid foam materials in many fields by cooperating with many enterprises including Hengluo Polyurethane Company. Compared with traditional foaming agent system, Butian has obvious comprehensive advantages in terms of cost, environmental protection and performance.

    "We are working with the company on the spraying of polyurethane foam. In view of the high-end passenger car production line, Yutong Company has put forward stringent requirements such as VOCs below 100 ppm and oxygen index reaching 26-28, which have deterred many enterprises applying traditional physical foaming agent and water foaming system. We have innovatively developed a dual-A composite polyether system which combines CFA8 with water. All indicators have been recognized by Yutong Company. The price is also very competitive, and ultimately succeeded in winning the bid. This shows that the dual A system has a strong market competitiveness. Yang Xihong said.

    Polyurethane foam is usually produced by foaming with chlorofluorocarbons, the most widely used one is HCFC-141b. With the signing of the Montreal Protocol, China clearly proposed that 35% of the production capacity of HCFC-141b would be frozen by 2020, and the polyurethane industry would be banned by the end of 2025. Under this background, many polyurethane manufacturers have tried to use new physical foaming agents and all-water foaming systems, but the application is not ideal. "New physical foaming agents are expensive and they are all greenhouse gases. With the gradual increase of domestic environmental protection, these physical foaming agents are bound to be strictly controlled. No matter whether the new physical foaming agent is applied or the whole water foaming system of environmental protection is applied, the problem of foam material cracking and poor dimensional stability often exists in the spraying process. Yang Xihong told reporters.

    In order to give full play to the environmental protection performance, while ensuring the performance and cost advantages, Butian Company and Hengluo Company have conducted in-depth research on the foaming process and mechanism of CFA8, and developed a dual A combination of CFA8 and water. Yang Xihong introduced that CFA8 has several advantages. First, it is safe, decomposition temperature is about 60 C, relatively stable, storage and transportation is relatively safe, convenient, non-flammable and non-explosive; second, environmental protection, decomposition only produces carbon dioxide gas, does not destroy the ozone layer, no VOC emissions; third, low cost, low production cost of foaming agent, less isocyanate consumption compared with the whole water system, and foaming agent itself has a sufficiently small molecular weight. Unit mass meter CO2 emission is higher; Fourth, suitable for construction, the amino group contained in the foaming agent has catalytic effect, which makes the start-up time of reaction between composite polyether and isocyanate shorter, and is conducive to the process realization of spraying system; Fifth, size stability, decomposition product "alcoholic amines" is suitable as cross-linking agent, the cross-linking structure significantly enhances the strength of the material, and the CO2 gas in the foam also supports the foam. The six is the adiabatic effect. The foaming agent has good compatibility with the foamed material. The foams in the foamed materials are evenly distributed and the size is uniform. Seven is conducive to storage. The water content in the composite material is lower than that in the pure water system, and the storage time of the composite material can be prolonged.

    While gnawing the hard bone of polyurethane spraying for automobiles, Butian Company is also increasing the application and popularization of new chlorofluorine-free polyurethane chemical foaming agent in other fields. The main application fields of rigid foam polyurethane such as exterior wall spraying, cold storage spraying, plate spraying, pipeline spiral spraying, door insulation and so on are focused on Application tests. At present, the application of pipeline winding spraying and other spraying is carried out. The products all meet the national standards.

    Tinglang Environmental Science and Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. used the new chlorofluorine-free polyurethane chemical foaming agent for the box structural components and thermal insulation materials of the high and low temperature humidity and heat test box. After the relevant demonstration of the technical parameters of the product, the high temperature tolerance of the product, temperature rise of the laboratory surface, temperature uniformity, fluctuation, stability, mechanical properties and flame retardancy were tested. The product use report released by the Tsing Lang environment shows that the test room insulation board made of a new type of chlorine free fluorine polyurethane chemical foaming agent and its combined polyether has wide application scope, excellent thermal insulation property, no obvious deformation after high temperature testing, good adhesion between foam material and substrate, and flame retardant (without adding flame retardant material), and the product quality is completely in line with the environmental test equipment library. Thermal insulation and mechanical performance requirements of the body.

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