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    outdoor workflow sweat should pay attention to supplement dilute saline

    Echemi 2019-07-19


    It is generally known that in high temperature season, people sweat and lose water easily, so they should drink more water accordingly. But doctors warned that not only should we drink more boiled water and mineral water in summer, but also outdoor workers should supplement dilute saline to prevent electrolyte disorders in human body from causing physical diseases. Mr. Wang, in his thirties, is an air-conditioning installation worker. Recently, with the rising temperature, air conditioning installation and maintenance work are more and more, for this reason, he has been working overtime for several consecutive days from morning to night. Installing air-conditioning outdoor units every day, he was sweating wet, clothes can screw out water, for this reason he drank a lot of mineral water and Coke, or feel a little dizzy and powerless. After a few days of persistence, the man became even more unconscious. Yesterday, when he rushed to Qianpu Hospital from the construction site to see him urgently, sweat beans on his face and arms were pouring vigorously, and muscle spasm symptoms appeared. After examination, Mr. Wang's body discomfort was relieved quickly after treatment of electrolyte disorder caused by sweating, which took away too much salt from his body. Liang You, chief physician of internal medicine of Qianpu Hospital, introduced that in daily life, people obtain essential minerals and salts such as sodium, potassium and calcium, also known as electrolytes, through eating and drinking water. However, for some special reasons, electrolytes will increase or decrease, and the body will be damaged. This situation is called electrolyte disorder. Liang said that when the temperature is high and sweating is excessive in summer, electrolyte disorders occur frequently. At this time, a lot of sweating takes away a lot of salt from the body, leading to the loss of trace elements. At this time, we should not only drink less sugary drinks, drink more boiled water and mineral water, but also supplement a certain amount of dilute salt water to maintain the balance of human electrolytes. He particularly reminded the outdoor staff not to rush into the air-conditioning room during the rest period, the overheated body into the low temperature environment is easy to shrink the pores, which is not conducive to health. If heatstroke occurs, do not rush into the air-conditioning room, it should be carried to a cool ventilated place to lie down and rest, for heat release, cold towel application head and neck treatment. If the situation is serious, they should be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately. 

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