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    Shanxi's food safety regulation has achieved remarkable results

    Echemi 2019-11-18


    On November 1, the reporter learned from the provincial market supervision bureau that in the food safety work, the Bureau actively practiced the "Four Consciousness" and achieved the "two maintenance", striving to achieve the integration of regulatory resources, concept update, mode innovation and efficiency improvement, and strengthening the supervision of the whole process from food production to circulation to consumption. At the same time of strictly abiding by the "bottom line" of no major food safety accidents, we should constantly purify the food consumption market, promote the survival of the fittest in the food industry, guide the food industry to develop towards the "high line" goal of meeting the people's demand for safer and more nutritious food, and ensure that the people can eat safely. Since the launch of thematic education, Shanxi provincial market supervision bureau has listed food safety as the key content of special remediation, and has carried out joint action to rectify food safety issues with the provincial public security department, provincial education department, provincial agricultural and rural department, the Publicity Department of the provincial Party committee, the provincial Party Committee network information office and other departments, established and improved the linkage mechanism of food safety, and formulated special remediation, inspection, publicity Scheme.

    11 cities and 117 counties (cities and districts) in the province have formed a working pattern of up-down linkage and overall promotion. Up to now, the province has sent 83811 law enforcement personnel, investigated 2562 cases, involved 13.9063 million yuan, confiscated 231000 yuan, fined 9.9821 million yuan, and transferred 11 cases to judicial organs, effectively deterring food violations. At the same time, all departments should strengthen cooperation, establish and improve the inspection system of articles involved in the case, optimize the approval procedures, and assist the public security organ in inspecting 75 batches of food and health food samples, including 60 batches of food and 15 batches of health food, which greatly improve the efficiency of food case cooperation. In terms of health food safety, the province has made great efforts to seek effective results, investigated and dealt with a series of false publicity cases, and standardized the management order of health food. Up to now, 7 false publicity cases have been filed, 5 cases have been closed, the amount of fines and confiscations is 163200 yuan, and 47 rectification orders have been issued. More than 300000 advertisements of food and health food were monitored.

    19 cases of food and health food were investigated, and 102700 yuan was confiscated. All 220 health food franchised stores in the province were inspected and 15 notices of rectification were issued. In terms of food safety on campus, the provincial market supervision bureau dispatched 24682 law enforcement personnel, inspected 8914 food operators in the school canteen, catering units and around the campus, sampled 487 food items, interviewed 230 households, ordered 1021 households to be corrected, warned 436 households, filed 37 cases, confiscated 216600 yuan, confiscated 269.5 kg of illegally operated food and food additives. At the same time, the construction standard of "bright kitchen" has been further clarified. At present, 5667 "bright kitchen" have been built in all kinds of school canteens in the province, with a coverage rate of 70.2%. In terms of quality and safety of agricultural products, the agricultural and rural and market supervision departments jointly carried out special rectification, with more than 46600 law enforcement supervisors dispatched, 22599 production and operation enterprises inspected, 293 problems investigated, 328 rectification ordered, 6 unlicensed enterprises banned, 312800 yuan involved and 30 administrative law enforcement cases filed.

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