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    Thousands of times sweeter than sugar sweet protein

    Echemi 2021-01-13

    There is a growing demand for reduced sugar content, and formulators hope to make the product taste better while maintaining a low sweetness. In addition, hypoglycemic reduction is closely related to Innova Market Insights's sixth major trend in 2020, "Macronutrient Makeover" (Macronutrient Makeover), and this trend shows no signs of abating. With the launch of "label-friendly" wheat starch and barley malt solutions, this field is expanding beyond stevia.


    Recently, Ocean Spray cooperated with Amai Proteins to launch a cranberry juice with a sugar content of about 40%. This juice uses a "super sweet" design protein, which claims to be a protein that is "thousands of times sweeter than sugar". This design protein claims to be able to maintain stability in extreme environments. It is positioned to have thermal and acid stability, which can extend the shelf life of the product and bring an attractive taste.



    Brewed sweet


    In order to produce its glycoprotein, Amai Proteins uses cloud computing software to carry out agile integrated computational protein design (AI-CPD). The designed protein is 70% to 100% identical to the sweet protein found in nature. The sweet protein in nature is thaumatin. The use of this protein is limited by its high price, insufficient supply, imperfect taste, and lack of sufficient shelf life and stability in some applications. The company said that the inspiration for this non-GMO protein comes from the natural sweet protein Somatin, which is 100% protein. Amai Proteins is produced through environmentally friendly production methods in the brewery using yeast or other microorganisms.



    Naturally sweetened by fermentation


    When eaten, thaumatin binds to human sweet receptors (such as sugar) to trigger sweetness. They are digested by the upper digestive tract like protein, and protein is consumed in large quantities every day. Amai Proteins' new non-GMO ingredients are positioned as: zero calories, zero glycemic index, delicious, cheaper than sugar (calculated in units of sweetness), wide food compatibility and scalability.


    Today, many ingredients are produced from yeast approved by regulatory authorities. With the potential of vigorous development of fermented food technology, it is believed that in the next few years, fermented plants based on fruits and vegetables will provide greater power for sweetness and flavor applications, and achieve a better sweet transition.

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