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    Freda enters the health products market, first oral hyaluronic acid

    Echemi 2021-01-20

    On January 19, the official of Freda Beauty, a subsidiary of Freda Pharmaceuticals Group ("Freda"), announced a hyaluronic acid for eating-"Shenyan Oral Sodium Hyaluronate". Food and health market.



    Hyaluronic acid for eating


    Hyaluronic acid, better known as "hyaluronic acid", is added to more than 70% of cosmetics. It is understood that the main hyaluronic acid skin care in the domestic market is mainly concentrated in two forms of external application and injection, but the National Health Commission issued an announcement on January 7 this year to approve sodium hyaluronate (namely hyaluronic acid, also known as Hyaluronic acid, commonly known as hyaluronic acid) is a new food raw material, which can be applied to ordinary food.


    In the industry, there has always been a saying "Talking about hyaluronic acid cannot bypass Freda". As early as 1992, Freda took the lead in inventing bio-fermentation technology to extract hyaluronic acid and took the lead in large-scale working and transparent production in China. Hyaluronic acid has become the hyaluronic acid company with the largest production capacity in the world.


    Since 2008, hyaluronic acid has been allowed to be used as a raw material in health products in China. In recent years, with the launch of research results from medical centers and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, the industry’s understanding of oral sodium hyaluronate has become more complete , With the announcement by the National Health Commission on January 7, 2021 of sodium hyaluronate as a new food raw material, it marks that my country’s oral hyaluronic acid market will further open up, and the domestic oral hyaluronic acid industry will usher in new Development milestones.


    In Japan, the United States, Europe and other foreign markets, sodium hyaluronate has been used for many years and has been widely used in health food. As early as 1999, Freda began to study the role of sodium hyaluronate for oral beauty and applied for patents, and continuously led the industry to create multiple firsts. Based on years of research results, the first edible hyaluronic acid—— "Shanyan Oral Sodium Hyaluronate" is coming soon.


    According to reports, the current hyaluronic acid concentration of the first product is more than twice that of competing products on the market. The unique multiple molecular weight is easier to be absorbed and more water-holding, and the product has no additives, no preservatives, no heavy metals, and no mineral oil. , Sugar-free and flavor-free redefines the industry's new standards. Compared with foreign oral sodium hyaluronate products, Shanyan oral sodium hyaluronate contains 100mg each, which can fully guarantee the daily needs of the human body, can nourish and repair the whole body mucosal tissues, such as the respiratory tract mucosa is moisturizing to the outside virus Pollution has strong resistance to pollution, protects and repairs the gastric mucosa, etc. Oral sodium hyaluronate is digested into the stomach, then decomposed and absorbed, and transported by the blood to various parts of the body, increasing endogenous sodium hyaluronate.



    Open up a new track for hydrating skin care


    At present, the mainstream hyaluronic acid skin care in the domestic market mainly focuses on topical hyaluronic acid and injection hyaluronic acid, and more than 70% of cosmetics are added with hyaluronic acid. The emergence of oral hyaluronic acid has innovated the application scenarios of topical smeared hyaluronic acid and satisfied the consumer groups not covered by injectable hyaluronic acid, thus opening up a new hydrating skin care track.


    According to industry insiders, unlike cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid which only act on the surface of the skin for partial moisturizing, food-grade sodium hyaluronate can increase the endogenous hyaluronic acid through exogenous degradation, absorption and re-synthesis in the body. The content can make the skin moist, smooth, soft and elastic, thus having the effect of overall beauty and health care. In addition, the main component of synovial fluid like joint cavity is sodium hyaluronate. Oral products containing hyaluronic acid can increase joint synovial fluid, promote cartilage repair, inhibit inflammation, and relieve soreness. Macromolecular HA also has film-forming properties. , Oral liquid preparations of macromolecular hyaluronic acid can form a protective film in the stomach, reduce the irritation of alcohol and spicy food, and play the role of nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach.


    According to the relevant person in charge of Freda, since the beginning of the research and development of sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid has been divided into three levels: cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals. It has research and development, raw materials, end products, and new drugs. The whole industry chain is evaluated, and the company has long insisted on producing research and development products according to the standards of making medicines. The raw material factory of sodium hyaluronate can reach 420 tons per year, ranking first in the world. It is currently equipped with the world’s largest hyaluronic acid fermentation The tank is equipped with three-in-one drying equipment of filtration, washing and drying to maintain sterility throughout the process.


    In terms of research and development capabilities, Freda is definitely the leader in the industry. It has three national-level scientific research platforms and twelve provincial-level scientific research platforms, including the "Shandong Province Sodium Hyaluronate and Its Derivative Engineering Laboratory" And "Shandong Skin Care Technology Engineering Laboratory", it has a total of 132 national patents (including more than 70 hyaluronic acid patents), more than 100 invention achievements and 3 times won the National Science and Technology Progress Award.


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