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    Laneige launches retinol lightening products, raw materials from BASF

    Echemi 2021-02-19

    This time, Laneige's first domestic listing of the light-stripe "Xiaolan Tube" officially opened the way for Laneige to high-end high-tech brands.


    It is understood that 95 pure retinol light lines "small blue tube", the high purity of retinol 95% is currently the most innovative product of retinol purity in the market, from Germany BASF. Flavone can promote collagen regeneration and improve various wrinkles such as fine lines, dry lines, and expression lines.


    Aiming at the easy oxidation of retinol, Laneige uses retinol separation and stabilization technology 9-layer isolation, 3-step antioxidant packaging, and the oil-in-water network structure can inhibit the oxidation of retinol and maximize the stability of the retinol component At the same time, through the packaging design that isolates the air, it effectively isolates the light, preserves the freshness of retinol for a long time, and resists the risk of inactivation of active retinol.


    In addition to 95 pure retinol ingredients, Laneige also intensively researches 5 kinds of molecular hyaluronic acid of different sizes to add moisturizing power to the skin from the outside to the inside. Among them, the small molecule hyaluronic acid fills the skin from the base and makes the skin moist and full; the large molecule hyaluronic acid acts on the skin surface, moisturizing for a long time and repairing dry lines. 90% French tripeptide, activate collagen regeneration, Centella asiatica and tranexamic acid ingredients can repair the skin barrier, brighten the complexion, and make the eye area brighter.

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