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    TriNutra promotes anti-aging and old, extracted from nigella seed oil

    Echemi 2021-02-20

    A few days ago, the nutritional supplement company TriNutra entered the field of beauty, and will launch the brand's first skin care active ingredient-3% thymoquinone black cumin seeds in early 2021, and cooperate with the exclusive distributor Barrington Nutritionals in the United States. Announced its official entry into the US cosmetic ingredients market.


    B'utyQuin is an anti-aging active substance that affects cellular mechanisms and can help promote mitochondrial function that slows down with age. More precisely, B'utyQuin has a positive effect on cell energy (ATP) production, respiration, and cell metabolism.


    This ingredient helps to affect the balance of the inflammatory response and has a strong antioxidant capacity. Excessive inflammation is the main cause of premature aging in skin and body cells. Therefore, having this ingredient that helps the body balance is essential to maintain a youthful appearance. The process of action of the ingredients will make the skin healthier, more energetic, and more active. Rejuvenate.


    Generally speaking, people expect beauty products to provide moisturizing, soothing effects and quick results, so that consumers can get a beautiful appearance. The B'utyQuin ingredients provide systemic good benefits to the body by protecting and stimulating the energy internal machinery (mitochondria) of cells, and these benefits can help product development work and save time in in vitro and clinical trials.


    According to the company, they spent several years in Israel developing a nigella seed breeding project that can produce varieties with high concentrations of thymoquinone, which is the key to nigella seed (black cumin) oil Active molecule. As a result, the amount of thymoquinone produced by the company's crops is 2-3 times that of other common varieties.


    In order to make the skin healthier and beautiful, B'utyQuin enhances the function of oil from the following two aspects. Since TriNutra’s ryegrass crops already contain high concentrations of thymoquinone, in order to better retain the content of thymoquinone in the oil, the company standardized the oil to 3% thymoquinone through its patented cold-pressing extraction process, and guaranteed A lower free fatty acid content.

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