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Domestic Raw Materials "Seven Consecutive Tragic Drops" Collapsed! Giants of Foreign Chemical Companies Soared by 22,000!

Echemi 2021-11-23

The current foreign prices are still rising! unstoppable! Affected by the global shortage of natural gas and energy, the price increase letters from the giants of foreign chemical companies one after another! A variety of domestic raw materials staged seven consecutive drops in diving! This market is completely messed up!


Mitsui Chemicals raises the prices of various raw materials
The highest increase is 22,000 yuan/ton


Recently, Mitsui Chemicals successively issued notices of price increases, stating that the prices of bisphenol A (BPA), epoxy resin (EP), hydroquinone (HQ) and other products will be increased from December 1st, by up to 390 Yen/kg (about 21,785 yuan/ton). in:


▶ The price increase of BPA is 19 yen/ton (approximately 1061 yuan/ton), and an additional 1 yen/kg (approximately 58 yuan/ton) packaging fee will be paid for bottled products.


▶ The selling price of epoxy resin has been increased by 23 yen/kg (approximately 1285 yuan/ton), and barreled products also need to pay an additional 10 yen/kg (approximately 580 yuan/ton) packaging fee.


▶ The growth rate of benzenediol (HQ) is as high as 390 yen/kg (approximately 21,785 yuan/ton). This price increase is also the first time that Mitsui Chemicals has increased the price of this product in three and a half years.


It is worth mentioning that the domestic bisphenol A has been declining for one month in a row. At present, the market price is slightly lower, and the mainstream market offers at 17,200-17500 yuan/ton. As its downstream epoxy resin market has also performed poorly, the current inventory is mainly digested and the willingness to enter the market is weak, while the other raw material ECH has fallen significantly. The epoxy resin market has followed the decline, and the purchase intention is weak under the downward trend.


BASF's fourth round of increase has arrived
Raw materials rose by 7300

On November 18, BASF issued a price increase notice stating that the prices of intermediate neopentyl glycol (NPG) and 1,6-hexanediol (HDI) products will be raised from now on. Among them, the price of neopentyl glycol will be raised by 400 euros/ton ( About 2902 yuan/ton), 1,6-hexanediol is raised by 1,000 Euro/ton (about 7256 yuan/ton).


It is worth mentioning that this is already BASF's fourth price increase notice this month!


But looking at the domestic neopentyl glycol, the market has fallen 7 times in a row, and the price is RMB 16,283/ton, which is RMB 2616/ton lower than the price of the previous week, a decrease of 13.84%.


In fact, not only bisphenol A and neopentyl glycol, but also silicone, which was fascinated by silicon at the beginning, is also opening a downward channel! From the sky-high price of 63,000 yuan/ton in early October to the current quotation of 31,000-32,000 yuan/ton, the price of organic silicon has almost been cut in half.


On the whole, after the original soaring raw materials touched the ceiling, market sentiment gradually faded, coupled with the end of the year, the downstream end of the terminal resisted high prices, and a variety of raw materials returned to rationality, driving the chemical market to fluctuate downward. In the past month, the company has experienced soaring raw materials to diving and then rebounding! The market is changing! And this "roller coaster"-like market will undoubtedly make enterprises in a dilemma!

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