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Jinling Petrochemical Produces Pharmaceutical-grade High-purity N-hexane Products For The First Time

ECHEMI 2021-12-20

On the afternoon of December 14th, after many attempts, Jinling Petrochemical successfully produced high-purity and high-quality pharmaceutical-grade n-hexane products, and successfully realized the extension of the gasoline light distillate product chain and the development of new products, which helped the company practice high-end and differentiated development. New profit growth point.


In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's refining capacity, the output of light alkane component oil has also increased significantly. How to use this part of resources rationally and efficiently is a problem that the refinery needs to solve. In late November, after the Jinling Petrochemical gasoline light ends plant was completed and put into operation, the company combined with market environment analysis and judgment, believing that the added value of the plant's products still has room for improvement. In order to deepen the use of products, the company immediately set up a research team to fully tap the company's existing resources, explore the use of existing solvent oil equipment to blend the normal paraffin component oil produced by the gasoline light ends equipment, and trial production of high added value Pharmaceutical grade high-purity n-hexane.


The raw material of the gasoline light ends unit is mainly reformed topping oil, but the quality of the raw materials required to produce high-purity n-hexane products is quite different from the design requirements of the gasoline light ends unit. Therefore, the company started from optimizing the raw materials, and adjusted the key parameters such as the temperature of the fractionation tower and the reflux flow to ensure the effective component content according to the changes in the properties of the raw materials. While meeting the raw material requirements for the start-up of the solvent oil plant, the effective component content in the raw materials was increased by nearly 10%. .


During the trial production process, the solvent naphtha plant gradually increased the blending amount of n-alkane component oils, and continued to improve the quality of n-hexane products by carrying out climbing tests and repeatedly starting from the source of materials, intermediate processing, and product optimization according to the production situation. . Through a series of optimization adjustments, the company realized that the purity of the n-hexane product was increased from the initial 83% to more than 99.5% with almost zero investment, meeting the requirements of pharmaceutical grade purity. 

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