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Xi Cha Part of the Product Price Reduction

ECHEMI 2022-01-14



Xi Cha part of the product price reduction

  According to media reports, on January 10, some netizens found that the price of some products of Xi tea was reduced, including pure tea with a price reduction of 3-5 yuan, 5 fruits with a price reduction of 2-3 yuan.


And cheese with a price reduction of 1 yuan. In response, Xi Cha responded that it did lower the prices of some products.


Xi tea said that its mainstream product price band has long been maintained between 19-29 yuan, not the so-called high-priced tea, this price adjustment is the normal adjustment action of Xi tea in its own mainstream price band, is to allow users to drink Xi tea more convenient and low-cost.

    Starbucks in Meituan takeaway

  According to media reports, Starbucks' original 3-year exclusive cooperation with Hungry Star expires on December 31, 2021.


Recently, Starbucks' special star delivery has gone live in the Meituan takeaway channel, and from the current store information, Meituan takeaway and Starbucks' membership system have also been connected.


Searching for Starbucks on Meituan takeaway will bring up an exclusive Starbucks page, which will make recommendations for the "fastest delivery" stores, and the delivery time for each store is within 30 minutes, which was the standard set by Starbucks when it cooperated with Hungry Hungry.



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