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The Delivery of Liquid Resin Before The Festival Is Slightly Nervous, And The Price After The Festival Is Confusing

ECHEMI 2022-01-19

After more than half a month of overall upward trend, the current cyclic chlorine is weak and consolidating, and bisphenol A fluctuates at a high level. The cost of liquid resin is expected to remain stable at a high level in the short term, and stable operation is the mainstay.

The liquid resin transaction is coming to an end, and the logistics is not very smooth. Except for the large cities near the resin factories and the tank trucks being delivered, the areas that need to be transferred are basically cut off.

This week, the delivery of each factory is tight, and some tankers have to coordinate the shipment, so it is a busy scene before the festival. Today, there are still many sporadic small orders to inquire about whether they can be delivered before the holiday, but they all politely declined. More people see that there is no hope of lowering the price, and it is difficult to get back to stocking up, and there is no way to help.

Everyone is concerned about going to work after the Spring Festival and how the price will go. Market participants are very divided, some say they are firm, some think they are bearish, and each seems to be justified. However, the recent rounds of ups and downs have not gone as expected, so the market outlook is confusing and difficult to predict and accurately. You can only follow your feelings, hold on to the hand of your dreams, grasp yourself, and make a rat tail.

Yesterday, the website of Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park announced the news of "the first public announcement of the environmental impact assessment of Jiangsu Ruixiang Chemical Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 165,000 tons of high-performance epoxy resin and its additives". It is understood that the high-performance epoxy resin variety is actually That is, the special epoxy resins we often say, such as: phenolic epoxy resins, brominated epoxy resins, bisphenol F-type epoxy resins, and solvent-based, compounded, diluted and other resins. The first few categories have been very tense last year. After the new project is launched, it can fill the market. It can be seen that Yangnong Group has added 180,000 tons of basic epoxy resin per year of Lianyungang Ruiheng to cooperate with the digestion and perfected the group. A major move in the structure of epoxy resin varieties, it is of great strategic significance.

It is reported that the epoxy resin plant (phase I) of Zhejiang Haobang Chemical Co., Ltd., which has been built for several years after the Spring Festival, is about to be completed and put into operation, followed by the epoxy resin plant of Zhejiang Wuzhong Chemical Co., Ltd. The trial operation of Jiangsu Ruiheng New Material Epoxy Resin and Guodu Chemical's re-production of liquid epoxy resin will greatly increase the market volume, and the supply tension will be eased.

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