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Insufficient Trading of Bisphenol A Market Is Becoming Increasingly Thin

ECHEMI 2022-01-24

As the festival is approaching, the domestic bisphenol A market has turned thin, and the market trading atmosphere is obviously insufficient. The market is running lightly this week. According to monitoring data, the average offer in East China was 17,925 yuan/ton on January 13, and the average market offer rose to 18,487.5 yuan/ton on January 20, up 3.14% within the week.


Spot resources are limited, factories are increased, and market supply is not under pressure to push up.

The spot resources of bisphenol A are limited, and there is almost no inventory after some traders sold it after the previous sharp rise and fall. During the week, the factory has increased its price. Up to now, Changchun Chemical has guided the price of 18,500 yuan/ton, Mitsui has offered 18,700 yuan/ton, and Lihua Yiweiyuan has implemented an offer of 18,300 yuan/ton. The factory has a clear mentality, the offer is firm, and the holder The offer went up to 18400-18600 yuan / ton. Despite the lack of buying enthusiasm, the market just needs to follow up with replenishment, but the market has no intention to decline, and the offer of stockholders is firm.


The support of dual raw materials is strong, the market remains high, and the mentality of each node in the industry chain is positive.

After the phenol factory rose sharply, although the downstream acceptance was limited, it still returned to a high level after a few days of minor adjustments. Although the trading area was slightly insufficient, in view of the limited amount of Hong Kong stock and domestic spot circulation resources, stockholders showed low interest It is not big, the offer is running strongly, but the actual volume is obviously insufficient. So far, the factory guide price is 11,200-11,300 yuan/ton, the market offer in East China is 11,100 yuan/ton, and the offers around Shandong and Yanshan are 11,200 yuan/ton. Tons, the offer in South China is 11,100 yuan / ton. The acetone market is going up in a narrow range near the weekend. In particular, factories in Shandong have increased by 100 yuan/ton to help the market. The overall performance of the acetone market is strong. The negotiated price is referenced at 5550-5650 yuan/ton. The last wave of replenishment before the holiday will be traded this week. The atmosphere has improved, the market activity is acceptable, and the downstream just needs a moderate amount of inventory. Although the market shows a trend of high opening and low moving, the transaction volume has improved significantly. Up to now, the negotiation in East China is 5550-5650 yuan / ton, and the surrounding areas in Shandong and Yanshan are 5700 yuan / ton.


The downstream epoxy resin is stable at a high level, and the market continues to run at a high level under the support of cost.

Domestic epoxy resin market offers are stable, dual raw materials are operating at a high level, and the cost side is difficult to fluctuate. Up to now, the liquid epoxy resin market offer in East China is at 27,400-28,200 yuan / ton of barrels to leave the factory, and the solid resin market offer is at 24,200 yuan. -24800 yuan/ton. The downstream factories of the products have been on holiday one after another, coupled with the tight logistics under the influence of the epidemic, the market activity has been significantly reduced.


The auction fell in a narrow range on the 20th, and although the market has been stable in recent days, the trading surface has become increasingly thin. The spot is still tight and the supply of imported goods is insufficient. In the short term, factories and stockholders still maintain a price attitude, but the downstream replenishment is difficult to improve. The business agency expects that the short-term bisphenol A market will remain high and stable, and there may be room for small negotiations on actual orders. .

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