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The First Plant of The Third Generation of China's Domestically Produced Aromatics Technology Was Built In Jiujiang Petrochemical

ECHEMI 2022-01-25

On January 20, the key project of the national industrial layout and the first industrial application device of Sinopec's third-generation aromatics technology - Jiujiang Petrochemical's 890,000-ton/year aromatics high-standard was completed and delivered. The successful application of this technology indicates that my country is not only one of the three countries in the world that has mastered this technology, but also that the technology has reached the international leading level, which will lay the foundation for our city to drive an industrial cluster of over 100 billion yuan.


It is understood that the project adopts the third-generation aromatic hydrocarbon technology with independent intellectual property rights of Sinopec, which has the advantages of low investment cost, high catalyst application efficiency and low energy consumption. This technology is the first to develop and apply a complete set of single-column adsorption and separation technology, which changes the double-column adsorption in the past into a single-column adsorption. The utilization rate of the adsorbent is increased by 10%, the investment cost is reduced by nearly 20%, and the operation is more stable. In addition, through the comprehensive optimization and utilization of energy integration, such as whole-process optimization, integrated heat integration and efficient utilization of low-temperature heat, the energy consumption of the unit is less than 220 kg standard oil/ton PX, which is 30% lower than that of similar aromatic units. International leading level.


The project started construction on May 9, 2020, with the construction goal of creating a "safe, green, innovative, efficient, sunshine, and demonstration" project, guided by Sinopec's standard chemical site construction specifications, to clarify the tasks and responsibilities of each link, and to The "nine unifications" in the standardization site creation plan are the focus of implementation, and the standardized construction of the whole process such as soilless construction, modular installation, integrated hoisting, physical and sensory quality, etc. will be strengthened. Faced with problems such as many high-risk operations, many cross-operations, and difficult safety supervision, firmly grasp the core of "people", take "on-site grid management" as the starting point, innovatively implement the "1123" working mechanism, and use " Double-layer protection modes such as "hard isolation + protective net" and "hard isolation + safety belt" ensure the safety of on-site construction. In view of the small construction site and the difficulty in transportation and hoisting, construction operations such as on-site pairing, pressure testing, ground "dressing and hats", and overall hoisting are used to ensure high construction efficiency. The project was fully controlled in terms of "safety, quality, progress and investment", and was finally handed over to a high standard on schedule.

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